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A BIG Thank You

White Fox

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Den Members


It is so good that you folks have not forgotten us here.


First off, Ice Pilot give us a donation just a few days ago. Again, a brand new member showing his support.


Then, Lynxette gave us a donation at our highest level. (Barguzin) She is one of our gals here and indeed has been a member since the earliest days of Melody.


I want to thank both of these folks for their support here in the Den. We appreciate that so very much! You are gradually beginning to see the results of that support now with the new Gallery with so much more room.


***Folks, we do certainly hope that you will still keep us in mind. We do need sponsors to be able to keep this place going. It is pretty much impossible to backtrack to a regular server now, so we must keep going forward or the site will disappear.


Thanks again to Ice Pilot, Lynxette, and all others who have donated. We do appreciate your help so very much!


White Fox


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The den is very welcome! I am just sory that I did not pluck up the courage to do it sooner...I had been thinking about it for a while, but was afraid of the usual computer piracy, hacking, stolen information, etc., etc. Oh well, better late than never, and I am glad to know that there are specific things that it will contribute to.

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'From little things big things grow' - thanks to the new sponsors, may we become the site par-excellence for fellow fur lovers / appreciaters / sellers / furriers / etc / etc.

Welcome back lynxette, hello ice pilot.

Congrats white fox (>5000 posts - just getting it in here....)



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