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A brief statement from ToS


Nah .. No such thing!!


Reminds me of Giant Don. He was a 400# guy selling beds in Cincinnati on TV.


He would jump up and downon the eds to show how good his beds were while giving his pitch. Couldn't help but watch


Whatever gets your attention.


Did you know .. George Clooney's dad was a TV weather man in Cincinnati years ago? He had the dryest most monotone pitch EVER.


Don Knotts used him as a profile for some of his very dry comedy routines. That's how deadpan he was.






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earendil's avatar appears to be someone saying "ni!" based indeed on monty python and the holy Grail"


This is a tremendous film for anyone who hasn't seen it, and regularly used by history teachers to illsutrate both historical misconceptions, continuity and change, but also some very important accurate historical stuff.


One of my fave bits is Sir Robin's minstrels


"Here is brave Sir robin

Rode forth from Camelot

he is not afraid to die, oh brave Sir Robin

he is not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways

bbrave brave brave brave sir robin...."


Which is a case in point. Indeed the wandering misntrels that accompanied knights would often run foul of them for actually over romanticising their adventures, or actually putting fear into their soldiers.

So in the gaga...where Robin is actually a coward....there is an element of truth in the time. As far as the continuity aspect goes, of course popular music today can still over romanticise issue.....Live Aid for example, which was not what it was cracked up to be. The difference today being the minstrels over romanticise themselves.


So monty python can be understood on many many levels. The purely anarchic and surreal humour actually is the top of some very deep thought; all these people are highly educated Oxford/Cambridge elite.

It is a send up of so much more than just the medieval genre.

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