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Identity of photos in gallery; discussion of content etc

Guest touchofsable

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Please if you can give the identity of ladies in images posted in the furden, or offer them if you know. I think we should keep a thread for discussion and questions and answers on the gallery....whether tyrp of fur, wearer ect or artistic merit.


I was asking about a lady in sable I crrently posted but don't know who she is.


But also I think I can offer the ID to someone posted in there. The images of chinchilla appears to have actress Joanna Pettet in one shot, smoking a cigarette.



I also remeber her wearing furs in an episode of McCloud.


I must also thank MrC1946 for a very nice image of a lady dragging a fur up the stairs and getting a light from a gentleman. Very nice image, appreciated.


Also does anyone know the fashion collection of the lady in electric blue fox ? Looks like Dior or YSL but I don't know....also the model ID.



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Another question regarding an image in the gallery: From which furrier comes the image "blue_fox_coat_exceptional_2.jpg" posted by WhiteFox from? I thought it was from www.argirioufurs.com , but either they have updated their site or I'm remembering wrong.

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Well, talk about "artistic merit"......a recent post by pelzsklave2005 just blew my winter socks off!! Check out "furhave.jpg".


This fabulous photo has a gorgeous woman standing in a winter scene with a red fox pelt wrapped very artisticaly around her. The tail of the pelt is exquisitley draped off her bum. Genius!


This photo works for me on several levels. 1) It looks like it could have been shot in my back yard. The background looks like winter in New England. I love winter as you might determine from my nickname. The cold hard rock contrasts with the soft warm subject. 2) I love hair and the blonde hair (ummmm) falls and blends in with the red fur so well. 3) Red fox! Yea! a favorite.... 4) The fox reveals and conceals that beautiful body in just the right proportions. 5) So clever the way she is presented: is she human? is she fox? is she a combination of the two? Playful or dangerous?


Awesome find, pelzsklave! So how bout it, is there any background on this image available?



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