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New In "Les Experts de la Fourrure"


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This month's topic in is up for your edification and enjoyment! The question that Lynxette deals with is how to size a fur, i.e., how to buy a fur coat that will fit! She has some interesting thoughts that I'm sure you haven't considered. It's all in "Les Experts de la Fourrure" (The Fur Experts) specialty forum.


Have a question about fur? About fur care? Just ask Lynxette and The Fur Den's panel of experts. All inquiries should be PM'd to Lynxette, or emailed to her at [email protected]. Your choice - You can ask that your question be kept anonymous, or you can ask that Lynxette identify you as the person asking the question. Either way, she will answer all questions related to fur, and post the question and answer in the "Experts" forum for all to read.


This is a new idea that we wanted to try. It's fun for all of us to share our fur experience, but we also thought it would be nice if we could all come away from the Den with a little education about the catalyst of our "magnificent obsession."



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