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Fur shop shutdown

Guest Walter

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A sad piece of news in my local paper this week: The hundred year plus traditional fur shop will no longer carry fur coats. Only some jackets, accessories and perhaps some fur trim.


The reason is simply that the coats doesn't sell anymore. I got in touch with friend who works in the store (she's even a fur fetishist, so I could speak freely). We discussed the matter.


You see, there are a lot of money among the people that should be fur customers. Many of them bought houses before the prices soared, and due to some pay-rises, they can afford huge Audis, Volvo XC90s and what have you. The anti-fur-people never made a big impression around here, either...


But I think they are the problem. The young girls want furs, but vert few of them can afford them. In bigger cities, they are quite visible, though. Old women have their furs, usually not very good looking ones. But these are the age groups that doesn't give a shit about anti-fur people.


But the age between 35 or 55 or so, doesn't buy coats enough to make room for a serious shop.


I think it is because these age is the ones that heard all the anti-fur nonsense from the 70s and up. I believe that 85-90 % of these women would like a fur, and many of them can afford it. But they do not want to spend so much money on a piece of garment that can make people yell at them and make trouble. I guess that is why women in fine furs has an extra love for compliments; they don't get too much of them and they live in constant fear of getting into an unpleasant fight.


So, the fur coats go away, mostly due to a (for the most part) imagined anti-fur movement. I blame the media for using so much time on those very few morons.


It is a sad thing, anyway.

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That's the nature of the news BUSINESS.


They pay lots of attention to hype and little time to real news and issues of real consequence.


They get led around by the nose by folks who don't want serios information dispensed.








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You are both absolutely correct.


What people do not realise is that they have been sold an outrageous lie by the media who have taken huge amounts of money from advertisers like PETA.


The younger do not have the money but believe me they want. So the shop probably is right to reduce what they stock as this age group get their coats...as we do lets be honest on many occassions...from ebay.


But fashion does go through these in and out fads. Only the real fashionistas with money will get fur back in vogue, in tandem with a forceful pro fur argument wherever the fur industry and fans can put it over, and that will take years.

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I can only speak for North America.


Its not PETA. It is warm weather, and North America losing the manufacturing to China. (Which was our own fault!) and most are very worried about their financial future.


The State of Michigan as close to a depression as you can get.


Fur is a business that is quickly becoming only a rich persons items. Pelts are continuing to go up. It will take a few years for the over supplies here to dry up. But, the handwriting is on the wall.


This is why I am getting out, too.


Selling items at cost is a hobby, not a business.


Was just reading the listing for a Canadian Seller. He has closed his fur business after 30 years.



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In Europe there is climate change too but furs are becoming fashionable again.

A young French friend emailed me a little while ago and said in France loads of girls are wearing furs.


But the US and Canada tend to be a bit behind Europe in the fashion stakes !!


So hang on in there and don't fret.

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Now now, ToS, don't judge us too harshly! I think more folks than ever are wearing furs here across the pond. Just because peta happens to be vocal, doesn't mean that people are listening. Even here in the subtropical Florida, fur can be found - I grant you that you don't see many ladies wearing full length coats, but stoles, boas and collars are very popular, especially now that we're heading into the charity/gala/black-tie season.



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Yes truely sad that people are losing their buisness because of the fickle turns in fashion. I can only hope that this is just a down turn and fur will eventually come back to popularity.


However, I don't think it has to be a rich person's only attire. Remember the rabbit fur coat fad of the 70s-80s? I sure do!!! Done right, they look good and feel good and are affordable to the common buyer. It could start there and spread again when the designers take notice. Thinking positively.....

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I take comfort - fads come and go. And sometimes the interest needs to be built. From the inexpensive ones from the seventies, to the luxurious ones in the eighties - I reckon many of the girls in rabbit in the seventies got their foxes and sables in the eighties.


Luckily, the shop continues, and with people like my friend on the watch, they will surely restock the fur coats if the fashion changes.


And speaking from my little part of the world, the weather is not the problem. I'm freezing both my butt and nose off outside, and I'm getting a chest cold.

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I have to say Linda that I agree with your statements wholeheartedly. The warm weather across North America during the past couple of years has not done any favours for the fur industry. That combined with the very casual attitude towrd dress here as opposed to Europe...my observations...as well as the rising prices, are putting a dent in things just at the time that people are finally waking up from the PETA nonsense. Frustrating indeed.

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