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Question: Hand-shearing fur

Guest manywonderfulfurs

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I have a question. I have a beaver pelt that I want to hand shear so I can sew it onto the back of a pillow. Should I use scissors or an electric razor?





San Diego, CA

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Hi Vince: Here is the best and fastest way to do this and make your beaver skin look great. Go and buy what we call "secretary fingers" those rubber finger shields that look like condoms. Get two, one for thumb and one for index and then hand pluck the guard hairs from your beaver skin. Get as close to the root as possible and get those bristly hairs out. If you do this, you won't need to shear with a razor. What you are trying to do here is remove the bristly guard hairs while leaving the soft underfur intact....the underfur is what makes sheared beaver so soft.


If you are not inclined to do this, you should use an electric shear, like barbers use. Let me warn you, if you do this, you'll be left with sheared guard hairs and your skin won't be as soft as you might like.


Good luck,

The boys at Tsarevich


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Gee Thanks guys.


And how am I supposed to move the free plug from the plug free zone??




*slapping wrists*


And the described process seems like a pain in the derriere to do properly. Could explain some price variations in certain coats though.

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Mr. B, most fur manufacturers have plucking machines, but you can't beat a hand-plucked sheared beaver for quality. Its how and why they employ small children with good eyesight and nimble fingers.

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Geez Boys... now you'll have ToS falling upon you from a great height for employing child labour *grin*


Just as well it is Saturday in the UK and he is probably attending a race meeting... or three *grin*


Then again, I guess it is further proof that the old fashioned ways are often the best when it comes to quality.


Thanks for the info.



Man, am I glad they don't pluck blue fox *grin*

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