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A very worth while project

White Fox

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Folks, you may remember how a few months back Fur Babe mentioned that when her site comes up for renewal this year that she will not be renewing it. We are not only losing Mr M's site shortly, but hers as well.


She, Like Mr M, has kindly given us permission to load all of the photos from there over to this site to the Gallery where they will have their own special place. However, She does not have the time to do that project.


I was wondering if a member or two here would have time to transfer these photos from her site over to this one. It is not complicated, but it is time consuming. So, it will take awhile. You probably noticed that some time next week the Gallery on our brand new site will be ready for use. At that time Mr M will be able to begin transfers, and at that time we will be ready for Fur Babe's site as well.


If you could help us out here with this project, please reply here or let any one of our staff know. We would really appreciate it as I highly doubt if any of our mods will have the extra time to do it, and those photos really deserve to have a place of honor on this site. I really hate to see these sites lost forever. FurBabe did a lot of work on that site and her talents deserve to find a home, at least in part.


Thanks all

White Fox


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