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Scheduled maintenance on the Gallery...


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So that the Gallery can be migrated to our new server, the Gallery will be down from 00:00 GMT Sunday January 14 until the move is complete. I hope to have it back online by Monday morning, but due to the amount of data to be moved, it may take longer.


Once the Gallery move is complete, we will be able to start accepting MrMockle's collection of images from his photoshoots.

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I just wanted to say thank you for the tremendous work load you have taken on to make this happen.


We all owe you so much for creating this site. Now you are moving the whole thing! I cannot imagine!



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Follks, to give you an idea. AK started a project last night and was working straight through pretty much for a day straight non stop just to get the Gallery working for all of us to use. It is now getting very close to complete!


How many of us would have that kind of dedication to do that just so the site is down for as short a time as possible so we can all see it.


There is indeed a little bit of cleanup to do yet, but the site is very close to coming back.


A huge Thanks to all who have made this new site possible with your donations to the Den. We will now have a great deal more space here and hopefully a faster site as well due to your generosity!


And a huge Thanks to AKCoyote for his dedication to this site. Not many members here would work for 24 hours straight on something just to get it working for members as soon as possible.


Thanks Linda for bringing this up. Indeed members need to know about AK's dedication, and the unbelievable amount of work he puts in here.


Folks this new server opens up so much here for us. We can now expand to accomodate many more thousands of photos. We have room to do pretty much anything we want now and we hope to do it so much more quickly. Indeed big things are happening here right NOW!


White Fox


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