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EVIDENCE and Defence of and FROM CHINA

Guest touchofsable

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Looks like the Chinese fur trade is strongly refuting the claims of PEA's alleged video of animlas being skinned alive. The implication is that it was staged.





As as far as I know the only ever prosecution of anyone skinning an animal alive was for an Art videon in Toronto and those who did it WERE themselves animal rights activists (despite the AR condemnation of it) , then I think its time for PETA to put up or shut up.

They need to state WHERE the video was filmed, and give the idenity of those who filmed it. Otherwise, they may well be in posession of something that was actually staged for their benefit. It would not surprise me....especialy given the activities of those Toronto freaks.


Personall, I am re evaluating my opinion about China and its record on animal welfare because of hwhat I know about the great strides they are making in term of conservation. This week it was announce that one Chinese wildlife parK alone will breed 100 Siberian tiger cubs this year.


And that is hugely important....and they need to be given credit for such efforts.

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It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that something is wrong with that video if you think of it. Why would someone fight with a squirming, fighting, biting animal like that if you could put it to death before skinning it. To do that would be absolutely stupid. The person involved would be cut by their own knives often, bitten, scratched, etc. On top of that the hide would be worth much less when they were finished. And, what would they gain. They lose so much and gain absolutely NOTHING!


It is so good that industry reps are finally addressing this issue. It is about time.



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I said this before but nobody seemed to notice: It is VERY easy to demonize the Chinese!


According to popular opinion (which is often wrong) the Chinese are out to destory the Western way of life. They are supposedly taking all our jobs. They are said to be swamping our country with cheap, inferior goods. They are seen as destroyers of the world's economy, purely for their own benefit.


95% of this is nothing but a bunch of BULL!


Sure, there are issues with the way China runs its economy and does business with the rest of the world but they are NOT demons!


P∂TA-freaks are simply preying on the public's fears about China for their own benefit!


Yes, there are SOME places in China where animals are mistreated but that happens everywhere, NOT just on Chinese fur farms!


Don't forget! Animal curelty even occurs at the hands of P∂TA EMPLOYEES!


STOP believing the BULL CRAP that P∂TA is spewing out about China! They are demonizing the Chinese just the same way the KKK demonizes Black people!

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Indeed. Thing is at the world becomes a smaller place and people can see via the net the reality of fur farms just by going to a legitimate site, and even seeing the way of life of native peoples involved in fur, it was essential to create a new demon. Not pc to get at natives, and fur farm associations getting their pr act together....so waere do they go?


Yes ...of course demonising Chinese...of whom we know little about, and know they are charactrerised as greedy for western buusiness at any cost...seemed a winner to them I supose. The truth of the matter is however I was talking to a fur trapper online yesterday and he said that at the auctions the chinese are becoming big buyers: they are importaing more than they are exporting...and what they export is finished items. He confirmed the bulk of production is Russia Canada and Scandinavia.....not as PETA lead people to believe, China.



Now I do not know how the law works in the US but in the UK if someone complain about that video...question its authenticity..and make a complaint....PETA ccan be made to disclose. Problem is...being China allegedly, it isnt a matter of FBI juristriction....and therefore another way they can get away with it.


Unless they tell us where exactly this video was filmed, I think it is almost certain proof that it is indeed fake.

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Yes agreed auzmink. well done ToS .


Beats me how any clear thinking person could ever believe those videos represent normal practice.


Problem is these days that so many (especially young) brought up with the virtual world now believe anything they see, to be absolute truth.


Wonder how many of today's youth believe that back in the 70's, we actually had starwars against the Deathstar. And that the victorious Luke Skywalker ranks amongst the top world heroes!! After all we did walk on the moon didn't we??


My daughter used to genuinely believe that in the 40's/50's, the world was black and white (from watching old movies), then along came colour...........weird!


Talking of which, to keep it on topic, some of those old 40's/50's pics posted in the gallery are real crackers. They really knew how to make and wear theis furs in those days eh? Thanks Roninphy

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