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riding in fur


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Please could touch of sable drop me a line via surfing the net i found a couple of pictures of ladys on horses in fur also i would like to know how to ypload to the gallery.

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You SHOULD be able to get into the gallery and post pictures directly. But, if you have tried it and can't get it to work, let us know.


At the VERY TOP of the Gallery's "Home" page, there is a row of menu buttons: "Home", "My Profile", "Upload File", "FAQ", and "Logout..."


Just click on the "Upload" button and you'll be taken to a web form that'll ask you for the information to upload the pictures. From there, it's all "Point and Click", pretty much.



  • In the upload web form, there are spaces for comments, etc. The more information add, the better off you will be. Tell the moderators where you want to place the files. Do you think they are "Fashion" pictures or "Erotic/Fetish"? We will do our best to place the files in the folders you want them in. If your request is reasonable, we will put them where you say. But, for instance, if you ask for an image with nudity to be placed in the "Fashion" gallery, we will place it in the "Erotic/Fetish" gallery.
    Simple answer: Use common sense.
  • Post pictures with the best quality you can!
    Moderators can edit pictures and fix them up ON A LIMITED BASIS but we can not fix every one of them. We will only do this for you IF WE HAVE TIME. We have lives outside of the Fur Den, you know!
    Do be aware that, if a moderator fixes a picture it goes into the gallery with HIS/HER name as the poster. If/when I do this, I usually make a note in the comments section, "Originally posted by: -----" But, still, if you want YOUR name to be on the picture, it's best to do the work yourself.
    We always try to help people post the best pictures possible but, if we get a lot of pictures that are too low in quality we might not add them to the gallery. Instead, we'll toss them out and ask you to resubmit better pictures. THIS IS A RARE OCCURRENCE BUT IT HAS HAPPENED!
    I can't stress enough: If you don't know how already, I suggest you learn to use Photoshop.
    I know! I know! I'm bound to hear people say that they use "Paintshop" or some other "cheap and easy" photo editor but Photoshop IS the king of photo editors. If you don't want to pay for Photoshop there is "GIMP" it's free!
  • Finally... One last thing... NO FAKE FUR!
    Our site owner has decreed that this is a FUR website and that our gallery will contain only FUR picutres. (It really only makes sense. Doesn't it? )
    Unless a picture is something "Super-Duper-Alley-Ooper-Extra-Special" we will not post pictures of fake fur. Think "99%". Only that last 1% extra special picture will be allowed if it's not real fur.


FrBrGr's word on this is law. If you can convince him otherwise, OK. But I wish you good luck. The man has high standards!

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