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Thank you Mr Mockle


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I am a new member and wanted to express my thanks to Mr Mockle. If not for his bravery and openess I would still think I was alone in my love of fur.


It is, apparently, and old story and I guess one that you have heard a million times, but I feel compelled to share my story. I just can't believe there are so many fur lovers out there! What an relief!


While on the net on an unrelated issue, I came across a link that said "a man talks about his appreciation of fur". Hmm I thought, sounds kind of like me, but I'm sure he doesn't love fur the was I love fur. When I ended up at mrmockle.com I was floored, I could barely breath. Not only were there stunning photos of beautiful women in furs, but more importantly, was his story. It was amazingly like my own.


I have always had an appreciation/attraction/fetish for fur. I just assumed that somewhere in my childhood I had some sort of incident or exposure to fur that left me with this psychological attraction. I have always (49 yrs!) therefore assumed this experience was unique to me; never in my wildest dreams did I think this happened to others. Imagine my surprise when I found Mr Mockle and then the Fur Den. AMAZING! I am not alone! How on earth does this happen to so many others? I am not the only one who has "fur radar" and gets flushed and weak kneed when I see a woman walk by wearing fur?


Of course there were the years of denial and supression. I figured that once I started having deep and long term relationships with women, that the human contact would satisfy these sexual feelings that were currently satisfied with fur. Of course it never went away. Finally after many years I learned to accept it as an additional facet to my personality, one that was not going to be replaced. Fortunately, I have been able to share this love of fur with my wife and she is very understanding and likes to participate.


To suddently see that I am not alone, unique, in this love has been incredible! Thanks to the Fur Den for sharing everything and especially to Mr Mockle for putting up his website!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome to The Fur Den, icepilot! Yes, you've come to the right place! We hope your stay here will be enjoyable, and that we'll hear from you often! You'll find that the more contributions you make, the more benefits you'll receive!


Nice to have you here!

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Indeed Icepilot and welcome. I echo your thanks to Mr mockle. His site so well recreated the fur shoots I used to see as a young man. The lovely one of Lana for example at the marins acould be at home in a vogue or fur catalogue. beautiful.


Thing is I show peole that shot in particular a lot. I havent met a man yet who hasnt gone "phoaw!" It was normal 30 years ago to be attracted to women in fur. IF they wre attractive! If the attarctio is still there and they are ugly; yes you have a fetish! Otherwise, I think it is as normal to want to see a girl in fur as it is to see them in heels and a basque....also now considered fetishes but were quite normal years ago.


I wonder if the eventula departure of bustles had such a desperate longing effect from guys 80 years ago?


I think if the internet had existed then the tradition would have stayed alive and maybe if mr mockle lived then he would have a bustle site.! Fteish preserves culture and passes it down to the next generation. Mr Mockle has certainly been instrumental in helping that along!

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Welcome IcePilot

Glad you made it on site here ok and we got the problems straightened out.

Always great to have another new member.


I want to post your message here in the library so it will be available for others, but it will be a day or two before I get that done. However, I want to point out that there are other such messages here as well. Just click here http://thefurden.com/fdwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.Memorable and look for "How it all started". You will also notice some similar messages in the History area in the messages from the original Den many years ago.


In short you are far from alone!


Once again, Welcome home!


White Fox

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ps great avatar. Is it Joan Severance, or Carol Alt? Or someone else?


No its not them I dont think. This is really bugging me. Its so familiar yet I cant see who it is that small. Anyone help?

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Hey Icepilot,


I, too, have appreciated so many of Mr Mockle's photos, although I'd been lurking at multiple online sites, many with ties to folks who're here, too when I discovered them.


Welcome, and you definitely aren't alone!


And in keeping with your subject heading, THANKS MR MOCKLE!



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Welcome, icepilot! You certainly have found a community of 'like minded individuals' here! Hopefully, in the not to terribly distant future, we'll be able to give Mr. M's incredible photos a new home here.



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I have to agree Mr. Mockle is someone who has been very helpful to me in both past and present. He is truely dedicated to our passion for furs and his work is inspirational.


I hope you enjoy your stay here. The time I discovered his site and this site (well Melody)... it was a groundbreaking moment in my life.

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