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LINDA smoking and in furs

Guest touchofsable

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No don't get too excited. Its not our Linda...I have asked. Maybe we will get her in a power fur with a cigar one day though!


This is Linda EVANGELISTA. Now she has from time to time said she will not model furs. BUT right now it looks like she is back into them. Anyway, she is in the smoking lounge of ye olde denne pub.

A truly spectacular homage to Linda Evangelistas' 20 years in furs...and smoking of corse. Apparently she was at a photo shoot once and the magazine editor was there. The editor objected to the photographer setting up a smoking shot, and launched into an anti smoking diatribe. So the photographer snaps a candid of Linda smoking. Shows the Editor.

"I want every shot smoking" the editor says. Photographers like it bcause of her sensual lips against her strong features. Hence she even has a cigarette for a lot of ad shoots. Her stature and power look , and her pout, also explain why she looks so amazing in furs.


So...here is a taster of the kind of stuff in the smoking lounge of ye olde denne pub:



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