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Mini Anden supermodel smoking and in lynx, fox, sable etc !

Guest touchofsable

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Your are going to like some of these shoots.


Grab a load of this; it doesn't come better does it?




Lots more in the same vein; some of them smoking in furs. In the smoking lounge of ye olde denne pub.


Some of these would be nice in the gallery but am undure of the copyright thing.

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thanks guys.


These supermodels have to take loads of crap and I have been in touch with a few re the fur. I have had messages back thanking us for our support.


they don't get off on fur like some of youse guys do...but hey....they still get offf on it I assure you!!!! Also I have had messges of suport re the designers.


Can't say too much more....but believe me they are grateful!

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TOS - keen giving them our support and encouragement - I'm sure they get crap but looking beautiful is an art and we must support the Art's!



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