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a new southern


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Poor show. faux fur....and poor faux too.


I had a look to see if I could find anything better there.


Now I am a great believer in the right of amateurs to express themselves like this; we don't have to look. 90% of the time there is stuff that could never be described as attractive. Its not the women; just the concept, poor light, and lack of atmospehere. Als lack of camera interaction....or contrived.


AnywayI found this. She isnt the prettiest of ladies, but actually the pics are very nice. They are coy, and she looks nice I think in some of the shots.




and at least its blue fox!


No she isnt a stuner. But she has nice eyes and hair for her age, and something about her.

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Honestly, ToS, I think it's the camera angle that makes her look bad.


That downward angle with her face turned 1/4 to the side just exagerates ALL of her bad features at once. I don't know for sure but she might actually be pretty if you looked at her from a normal perspective. Even if she's not a stunner, she certainly wouldn't look like a troll.


You might be right about the fur. I only looked at the picture briefly.

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hey look who is back!!! Qualuty!


I once got of with a woman at Victoia coach staion funnily enough, who looked identical to her. She had a long fox like this, and hair and age and looks were so similar its uncanny! So I am fond of sc Victoria. The lady I chatted up had missed her coach and had a two hour wait for her nexxt one. I missed three in that time lol! Took here to a pub across the road and it was nice cos she kepyt her coat on and smoked a lot. Only had a snog before she went, but it was nice. Especailly as I was only about 18.

My first nervous approach to her which started with asking for a light and her reluctantly giving me one (she said I was too young to be smoking and she was in a bad mood because she had missed her coach) ended up with my persistant and rampant youthful charm winning her over and it was a very very nice memory. As I snogged her in the coat and saw her off the whole station was cheering and whistling!


anyway...s/c victoria in a new fox:




and this looks nice too:




and for worker and tryxie......GUNS!




Thes must be old shoots actually because it says my favourites. Yep they are nice!














love this one:








anyone got the issue 474 shots?

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