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A great thread...

White Fox

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Folks there is a tremendous thread in the Furrier's (Experts) Forum right now.




I recommend that all have a look at it. We do not often cross reference like this, but this is a case where it is really warranted. If you read that thread you will see what I mean. There is some fantastic information in there now that everyone here could learn from. (Except possibly our Experts.)


This is an example of how much folks are missing if they only read this forum here.


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Thanks, White Fox, for the tip. Somehow I thought I remember reading the first messages on the thread, though I don't remember having browsed the experts' quarter.


So many things I'm glad I don't have to worry about for now, having made a few lucky purchases at a thrift store in September; but that doesn't mean it mightn't come in handy some time.



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You may have read the message when it first appeared in the main Fur Den forum. I moved it to the Experts forum shortly after that.


It might be a bit odd when things like that happen but it's better to keep message topics organized. That way, if you ever want to do a search for a particular subject, it's easier to find the information you're looking for.

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Thanks Worker, White Fox!


I'm glad for the consideration you put into making this the best damn Fur Den there's ever been!

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Do members prefer that, when a topic is moved, a notation be made to that effect? Or, is it just better to move it and be done.


Personally, I find it less confusing to simply move the topic.

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Dr. Pangloss suggests that when doing a search it is best to get only one result, namely the one that fulfills your needs at that time.


Therefore it would seem that creating multiple references to a particular topic when, in fact, only one of them is direct, would be counterproductive.


If you take this one step further, as our abilities to search increase it is less and less necessary to attempt to organize because the search mechanism will locate what we want no matter where it is.


In conclusion, if you don't move it, you won't have to worry about leaving a trail and a decent search will find it right off.


Content is what matters. Titles, descriptions, thoughts, etc. are meaningless as they are colored by individual experiences and levels of intelligence or lack thereof.

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We do have the option of leaving a topic with a trail or not. Sometimes we do it out of politeness to the poster, and sometimes we do it in hope of attract members to other areas.


Another reason a thread is moved is to preserve it. Posts on fur care are the kind we really like to save.


As you hopefully have noticed many of our forums have been combined. Although it seemed to make sense when we first formed the den, we agreed there were just too many!


Hope that helps,



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