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If you'd like to share - go ahead! By the way... after another 43 posts, you might get to post in a 'special' place!



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The stories can be found via links to other sites...



P.S. Just look in the Archives where the old Den still exists. Look in the stories forum!

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I'm not bragging or touting my site but if you want to link up to it, there are many fur fetish stories. I have been fairly active lately so there are quite a few. Unfortunately, none are from personal experience. (Wish to hell that they were!) But I do the best I can with trying to make up fur fantasies in my mind.



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There is a page in the Fur Den that has links to all the other websites where members post their fur stories. Your story site on Yahoo is on the top of the list!


>> CLICK HERE to go to the Fur Den page that has the links! <<


On that same page you will find links to places where you can read stories by:

  • O.F.F. (Old Fur F##t)
  • Stacyanne
  • Furbabe
  • "French Fur Club"
  • Yours truly, Worker 11811


If there is anybody else who has fur stories on the net and they want their links added to the list and those links reasonably comply with the Fur Den Code of Conduct, they can be easily added to the list.


Just let somebody know and we can tell you how to put your name on the list.

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I was most happy to find one of my stories, posted on the old site, had found its way to the french site (which has a number of stories in english and is worth visiting).

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We spent many hours recoveering the stories, relocating them and finding other venues that would take the group of odd or single stories when we made the site change.


By-the-way ... I baaack







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  • 3 years later...

Came home exhausted from working an extra shift today and found that my wife got me an early birthday present. A full length Blue Fox Fur Coat! I realize that is usually supposed to be in reverse but I'm not complaining.

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