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Bai Ling in Red Fur on Red Carpet


What Fur is on her shoulders  

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  1. 1. What Fur is on her shoulders

    • chinchilla
    • sheared beaver
    • mink
    • faux fur

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This is a typical and simple example of what I have been talking about in the tolerance thread.


I have voted, as to the best of my judgement I would say it looks like dyed pahantom beaver.


HOWEVER. I am not an expert. There are other people her far better qualified to give their opinion and 90% of the time that would make my opinion...though I have the right to express it...invalid.


Like so many other questions of the day therefore, it is NOT a question that democracy can ever give you a true answer without reasonable doubt ...on.


So if we don't trust everyone's opinion...even if it the majority...over this isuue...why do we trust those democratically expressed opinions on far more important issues? Especially when we then give government mandates to persecute based on such ill informed public opinion?


So come on you furriers....put us out of our misery....what we think is irrelevant!


It is very nice anyway.....an opinion expressed through some knowledge of artistic/fashion merit....though again Tryxie's would be more informed. See? Even taste has truths....

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I have actually looked at the photos, and my fist opinion was "Eeugh Nasty" I don't know what fur it is either. It looks thin and insubstantial.

An uniformed opinion... rat, passing itself off as acrylic.

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For the sake of all things sane and holy, TOS, please give it a freaking rest!!!


IMHO, Bai Ling's wrap is a fake . . . Too bad - I have seen red chinchilla, and it is glorious!

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sorry....but one of these opinions ...or another yet to be given...is true.


The wrap is made of something, and therefore not another thing.


We have to establish that expressed opinion should seek truth, and we should al bow down before informed opinion. of course we can still like something. Such as I like the warp, and tryxie doesn't. She as a designer has more clue than me so I defer to her opinion.


That is how debate should work isn't it?


Or are you going to stand by your belief it is faux when it is shown not to be when we get an expert in?


Sir, I really am not trying to be inflammatory...merely trying to establish the purpose of a forum in the Roman sense of the word, your Holy Emperor

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Well, irrespective of what fur it is, am sure a lot of us may agree on one thing - if Ms Ling had come to us beforehand, we could have loaned her a fur that would've looked a lot more spectacular!! Is that not so?

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Unless of course it is sheared beaver....and then it is about movement and light catching.

Sheared beaver never looks good until it moves...and then it is spectacular.


Its thick waterproof dense fur give it a weight that is not always apparent in photos. Of course, if it is rabit or faux, that weight, movement and light catching will be absent.

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Faux. In fact I dont think it's even pretending to be faux fur. It's like a thick acrylic velvet. I have a rug made of something similar. It's not fur, but it nevertheless has a pleasant "strokable " quality.


Still, she looks pretty good in it whatever. But you are right Unclejoe - should have been a fox cape or bolero, Boy! would that not be someting

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It's either faux, rex rabbit, or a type I'm not familiar with. It's still better to look at than touch's rants about his persecution complex.

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yeah well when anime is banned (i kid you not its being discussed as it being accused of sexualising children_ maybe you will get the same persecution complex and will hear me screaming just as loud to support you!


In the menatime my point here is that only an expert's opinion is valid.


So far the opinion is that it is faux.


It is not in my opinion. but that is irrelevant.


You are an artist lord.....ell me how much work would be required to produce tha depth in faux? Highly unlikely thaough not impossible. An asrtist painted/dyed faux?


It suggests natures brushwork.


I may be worng though.


So come on...only the furriers here can decide this.


So when you need a question asked...don't ask the masses, ask an expert.

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looks faux to me. anyway i am far away from beeing an expert. better something furry than nothing furry on her shoulders but in my imagination there have been better looks.

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Trust me Touch, I have a whole blanket in this. It's exactly the same, the way it looks, folds - everything.


And for the record I didn't buy it as a fur substitute - didn't even consider it. Like I said, it's not even attempting to be faux fur. It's just a man made fabric that is warm, tactile, takes rich colour well, and as a blanket, is nice and weighty (which adds to the warmth/comfort factor.)


I think sometimes we get so hooked on this fur thing that we forget there are other materials around that make nice clothes etc. Not all tactile fabric has to be a turn on!


But I still think she would look great in a white fox stole

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I believe it is faux. Furcoatman is great at this though.


Here is my reasoning:


Obvious it is sheared. If real, would have to be from a thinner fur than Beaver, not dull enough for Nutria, so COULD be dyed lower grade mink family pelt. But, it you look at the edges of the cuffs and the neckline, it is thin and "scraggly looking," which make me believe it is faux.



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Hand it to me for about 5 seconds while I am holding a needle so I can pierce the hide with the needle and I'll tell you real quick! I've often told people on Ebay who didn't know fur to use that test to see if a coat is real or fake.


It is though pretty hard to tell from a photo like that for certain. Put the person next to Linda or F/C for a few seconds and they would likely know immediately. And most of the rest of us likely would as well. The problem is I think that a photo is two dimensional and not three. So you lose that detail that is so important to know to make that decision.


There was one day not long ago when I was in a drug store and saw a woman right next to me wearing a coat that looked kind of like a slightly darkened leopard that fooled me. I am not easily fooled, but I truly did not know if it was real or fake. Now some things can be "Stenciled" as they call it so it can be hard to tell. Most of us here are far, far from experts in furs, yet we are still pretty well versed in them. I've noticed in fact that some furriers pick that up instantly when we enter their door.



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Like I said, "Rabbit at best."


If it is real that is the best it can be. But I have to agree that, in all liklihood, it is fake.


It is really hard to tell from a picture unless there is enough detail. Most of the pictures you see from tabloids just don't have enough quality to be able to pick out the details.


Yeah! I have noticed that furriers pick up on peoples' awareness of fur in about 0.68 seconds. The last time we were in the fur store in Cleveland, the sales lady handed me a scarf and said it was chinchilla. I looked at the price tag and said, "For that price it CAN'T be real chinchilla! It's got to be 'rex'." Her answer was, "Yes, 'rex chinchilla'." I frowned and said, "You mean 'rex RABBIT'... Rabbit with a genetic variation. It has been dyed to LOOK like chinchilla."


From that moment on, it was like I was talking to a different person.

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It is precisely this which makes me think sheared beaver:


"it is thin and "scraggly looking," which make me believe it is faux"


look at the edge of a sheared beaver. Its the same. the edge of a quality faux however has dense even pile. A raggy faux would not have the weight to drape on the shoulder from such a light objext.


Also the colur. The degree of varaiation in the colour means it is highly unlikely to be faux.




Sheared rex possibly, but nromal rabbit no. Normal rabbit has a clumpy appearance.


Look at the chaarcteristic scraggy horizon of the fur. That is what sheared beaver is linke. Judge also the variation in colour, and imagine it dyed red. Bai lings coat is clearly a dark fur with varaiation and bands that has been dyed red. To produce this in faux would be dificult. It isnt bright red and it hasnt been mixed that colour since it woul not have the depth.


This however is the type of depth you get when beaver is sheared and dyed:



The same.


Find me one faux this colour please.


Again look at the pile. Sheared beaver is not uniform like mouton. It is dense but extremely soft with shiny gurad hairs inthe pelt. This makes it not uniform at the edges or when brushed in a direction.


It is not afur that looks good in photos, but amazing on and to the touch. The only other fur with a wet butter like drag to the fingers other than sable; but with the odd spike. But yes in photo it can look scraggy. In real life howver it does not have this appearance:




Sheared rex it could be. Imagine this red:



sheared mink does not look the same;



this is about as much depth as you get in faux. also while yes there is scragginess, it isnt the varied scragginess. of a lot of hairs. Also look at the weight. this sint going to drape like bai lings




Its not impossible, but basically it would mean you would have to put darker tones in then dye it red uniform. A lot of work.

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