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i came across this site over christmas. i am told, although, as yet i havent found any proof that somewhere within are videos of some fur movies including "the bitch" and "venus in furs" along with Dynasty and Dallas clips. has anyone come across fur clad women any where on "youtube.com" thanks

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Please see our YouTube thread. You must remember that YouTube has been bought, and was forced to remove a large number of copyrighted clips such as the ones you've mentioned. If you start to follow our YouTube thread, you'll still find many great fur videos, even some produced by our own members.



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That reminds me. If anyone should see any videos there that no longer work at any time please either remove them yourself, or leave a message in our Links Area for our Links Crew and they will do it. The same of course goes for Links as well. We have a great selection in both of these areas, and we want to keep them up to date.


By the way, you can easily get to both movies and Videos by clicking on the "Links" tab on this site. At the bottom of the list you will see the proper Link. Just follow it through.



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