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Reindeer fur, the Evenk and the impact of civilisation

Guest touchofsable

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This is meant to be a suggestion for an addition to Miss T's letter to Miss ricci.


Miss Ricci wore reindeer fur, and as such she should be aware of the statement that could make against the apalling abuse of non renewable resources and habitat destruction by so called civilsiation.


And here, are some very very very real accounts from survival of how this is being fought out in the wilderness. It is the Evenk and The Khanty tribes here; it is the Inuit and Cree and others in Canada, it is the Sami in Scandinavia. Miss Ricci needs to know by wearing reindeer fur she did a glorious thing in opposition to a vile and evil organisation which would crush these peoples. Reindeer is the world's oldest domesticated animal , and the symbol of battle between western greed and new order, and our noble past and protection of the Boreal forest.


here; please add this miss T. Massively important so I have given it a thread of its own. The Evenk incidentally run fur farms with siberian fox too.



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We have had a lot of talk here, but has anyone actually tried to contact her?

I started to do a search one night but as usually ran out of time due to work here.



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