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Sasha Pivovarova supermodel in furs and smoking

Guest touchofsable

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Sorry ToS can't answer that.


Did you know that there are some people on here that would think I might be pulling a heinous scam, pretending to be a girl, just to get goods from you, whilst actually having nuts in my knickers.


Shame on them.

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I can confirm 100% tryxie is a CENSORED (edit) And she has gorgeous furs too.



I have decided not to reveal. I would rather the guys here think you may be something you aren't so I can have you to myself lol!



I may be able to get you some of those boots..or similar. Size?

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Welcome sendit! As you're new to the site, it may take you awhile to figure out the little inside references from our members. Stay with us, follow along and contribute, and then - hopefully - all will become clear!



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