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Ok well here are a few more and a write up feed back pls


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I lived in Colorado for a while about 5 years back, and recently went back for a visit last fall. I did of course take tons of fur and wore them proudly everywhere. Not one bad comment but lots of good ones.


Years back when I lived in Denver, and then Evergreen (a small, froufy, as I call it, town in the foothills outside Denver), I had mad a few trips to Aspen and Vail, just to see the scenery mostly. There were furs everywhere in shops and on people (this was when I had no furs nor money for them ). If Aspen had gone thru with the fur ban, I think that would have been the final step they could have made in the realm of hypocrisy. I mean, COME ON... it is Aspen!! I couldn't even afford to do one thing in that town but drive thru for all the luxury and decadence everywhere... that is part of why little rich mountain towns like it exist, right?! When a tiny one bedroom apartment costs a million dollars, do the few anti's need to quibble about a fur ban because it is cruel? Isn't is cruel to the lowly servants and household employees that cannot afford proper housing anywhere near that town, yet have to work there and serve the elite? I found it particularly cruel that a poor person could do no more than drive by this beautiful piece of land taken over by the extremely wealthy; the town won't allow new homes to be built under a certain dollar amount, and it isn't a low amount! I just find it ridiculous that the few vocal anti-fur people there even stirred up the issue to a vote! I imagine they couldn't find a better use of their time, a better cause to fight for than that, eh?


I liked the looks of Aspen, but I don't get on well with that ultra-rich way of thinking and living... I never had means growing up and don't intend to lose sight of that and what is important to me. I can infiltrate that climate of poshness and seem to blend in... until I speak my mind. Ha!

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Then you would have real issues with the town that I live in Ms. T... even the local police officers, firemen and teachers can't afford to live in town...



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yeah, i have lived as the poorest person in town, out in evergreen,co.... situations that are so blatantly unequal just bother me.

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