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End of an era: Mr Mockle's Models in Furs to close in 2007


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After some thought I have decided that this year will be the last for my website and I will be closing it some time over the next twelve months. I cannot say for certain when but it is unlikely to be before April and might even stay open until late December. However I have decided that the chances of arranging future photoshoots with professional models are small given that I have little time and money to do so and recently, less motivation. There are still a couple of photography options that I am considering but these will be to assist other websites (not related to other fur forums) with photo projects rather than fund my own; these may or may not be fur-themed and those that are are likely to be of more niche appeal.


I will try to do a staged closedown of the site rather than just pull the plug suddenly. I will start by changing the homepage with a message similar to this to give those who want to collect any remaining photos the chance to do so. After some weeks I will then change the homepage again to replace with a simple title screen directing visitors to alternate fur sites (including this one) and probably my Yahoo 360 profile for further information (such as the details on my History pages). Then a few weeks after that I will close the domain and site fully. At the moment it is likely that I will be posting my collection of images on the gallery pages here but this is still to be confirmed.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in my photoshoots. Many thanks of course to the models who have graced my shoots and charmed so many of you and me over the years: in no particular order, Katarina Nikita, Teresa May, Katie-Ann Day, Naomi K, Claudia Casali, Christy McNicol, Alana, Tasha and Talia but a special thank you to both Lana Cox and Tracey Coleman for their regular appearances in my shoots. Thanks also to the studio owners and staff and to those other fur fans who helped with furs, locations or even just joined in for the experience: Paul, Paul, Richard and especially to Mike. But my primary thanks goes to my beloved Ms Mockle - soon to be Mrs Mockle - for her support and tolerance of my passions.


To the rest of you - many thanks for all of your help, support and praise for my website and photographs. Rest assured that this decision was reached alone without external influence; my feelings towards furs and seeing beautiful people wearing them and my contribution to this and other fur forums will not be affected by this decision.



Mr Mockle

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Why don't you save the pic collections on a bunch of zip files, so you could email them to anyone here who asks.

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First off, I've already expressed my thanks for Mr M for all he has done and mentioned my sadness that his site will be gone soon. That is a big disapointment for all of us. I hope that many of you will use this thread to thank him for his great work.


***There is good news though. Before you all jump to any conclusions. Yes, we have made arrangements to store his photos here on this site in our Gallery, and we are already making the arrangements to do so. Mr M has kindly given us permission to do just that.


In fact they will be in a Catagory all of their own! This will take some time due to some changes in progress on our site right now, but the photos will always be available for all of you to see.


White Fox


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These are sad news but i understand why you do it. I want to thank you for offering such a great place with incredible pictures to us fur loving people. i allways enjoyed to visit you site. i am glad that the pictures will not be lost and i hope you will stay active on this site.

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Mr. Mockle: So sorry to see your site go, but I fully understand. I will miss your site as I am sure many fur lovers will. Many, many thanks for all you did and for the many hours of pleasure that you brought to those of us who love fur. Your photos were very professional and classy. All your models were beautiful and their beauty was enhanced by the fur. I know that I, like many others "fell in love" numerous times while viewing your photos. Please accept my gratitude for all that you did.



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Mr. Mockle,


It is with a ver heavy heart that I hear of your plans, but with a deep sense of understanding, too.


I just want to congratulate you on years of excellent fur photography, which will not be soon forgotten, not likely be repeated.


All the best for the future,



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Best wishes Mr Mockle! I know how much work you put into your shots as well as your site. Well done! I do not blame you rather think you should relax and enjoy work well received and loved by many.

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Thank you Mr Mockle, Your class, style and dedication will be

missed. Your site was the first one I visited when I first came

online and typed in "Models in Fur" in the search bar. I slowly

began to feel that I was not alone in my obsession for women

in furs. With your classy approach and sensuous photos you

have affected us fur lovers more than you know. All I can

say is Thank you , Thank you for being true to yourself

and standing firm to all opposition for all this time.

I wish you and your lucky girl all the best, in the new year.


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Sorry to hear that you will be shutting up shop, Mr Mockle - was always a big fan of your site!! Your work will be sorely missed but not only me, but everyone else here!!


All I can think to say is "The king is dead; long live the king!"



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