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When will the sodding media learn...


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While I must say, Sean John was wrong to use Raccoon Dog fur here, it seems the media were totally blew this out of proportion. I will certainly agree without a doubt that Puffy should really not have been using Raccoon Dog fur because of the way it is cruelly obtained as the Chinese just skin the poor things alive, and then mislabel the trim as raccoon to sell it.


However the media have taken this out of context, like they always do when the animal right nut-cases rant and rave. The way the media have portrayed the raccoon dog seems to have made people believe it is the same as the domesticated dogs we like to keep as pets. What's worst is that because of this, there are now efforts to try and make this species protected by the same domestic dog/cat fur protection laws already in place in the US. The trouble with this is that I personally see it as a gateway for the protesters to then go on and say Coyote should also be protected in the same way, just because they are part of the Canis latin family (and thus related to dog).... The same applies to fox which again is related to the dog family (Not to mention fox is one of nicest and most accessible furs, and in the wild foxes are a pest that need to be controlled like Coyote are)


I think that we as a group need to keep ahead of news like this and draw it to the attention of the media that what they publish is wrong. The media have a huge impact on the idiots in society that blindly believe the BS that comes out of their mouth, and what worst is that the animal rights groups seem to be very good at putting their propaganda across to these groups. Media companies need to be educated to give a much less biased argument with regards to the way the fur industry conducts it's self. I doubt many reports would have stopped to have thought that things like the recent bans on mink farming here in the UK has just allowed meant that countries with virtually non-existent regulations seem to have more more power to exploit, and thus cause more damage to the creditability of industry when stories like this get reported.


I think it is also important to address to the manufacturers who use this raccoon dog trim the full implications. Some of the crappy videos PeTA come up with are heavily based on the exploitation in China, which is NOT representative of the fur industry in Europe, Canada, or the US. Manufacturers need to be made aware of this (especially as this article has been so damning to Diddy), so this doesn't happen again. I think it is important to argue the case to manufacturers that people like us want to see more use of real fur, however, it needs to be done in a legal and ethical way where it shows responsibility so that the stupid animal rights groups can't use this as fodder for their propaganda (Oherwise if things like this get in the media, people seem to regard one off cases like this as representative of the whole fur industry)

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Is raccoon dog a phrase used for tanuki? If so, I thought the creature was actually closer to raccoons and bears than to dogs. Still, doesn't justify inflicting gratuous suffering dog or no dog.


I also wonder. I believe in the US there's a loophole to fur products labeling regulations stipulating that for very low-cost garments, labeling requirements don't apply. Anti-fur sentiments seem to have created a market for more fur trims which anti's might see as not quite so vicious as a garment made primarily of fur. That means many such garments would sell below the price where fur product labeling restrictions apply. The loophole gives the antis a scare toe-hold. It might come from China where they skin cats and dogs alive, they urge. Now would they rather help close that loophole or insist on nothing short of an absolute ban on trade in furs and concentration camps for anyone even suspected of liking fur?


Thing is, too, that so many of the trims I've seen I can't be sure: are they 2 days old faux, meaning they already look bedraggled or are they just mangy, mangy, dreadful real furs from day one? When it becomes impossible to tell faux from real, even wearing faux would seem to endorse wearing fur. Take that, faux-touting antis!

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Have you ever skinned an animal?


Let me just put it this way. It's not easy.

I tried to skin a deer that I shot. I screwed up the skin and I was p*ss*d off because I ruined the hide that I wanted to have tanned as a trophy for my hunt. I still have the antlers but I wanted to make something like a hat or a vest from the leather of the animal that I brought home.


A tanuki is a whole lot harder to skin than a deer, in my estimation.


And I can NOT, for the life of me, imagine that even the most hard boiled sourdough of a fur trapper would even attempt to skin an animal... ANY animal... alive. Freshly killed? Maybe. But alive? No! You want to SELL the pelt don't you?


And if you are in BUSINESS to sell pelts you are going to want to get as many of them as you can as quickly, as cleanly, as easily and at the best quality as possible. No?


Skinning an animal alive is not the way to do that.


Don't forget that it's easy to villify the Chinese. After all... They are taking AMERICAN jobs and RUINING our way of life! Remember! Of course it's easy to believe that those Godless Communists skin all animals alive just for the shear pleasure of it. GAWD! People are so GULLIBLE!


P∂TA-freaks are using the Anti-Chinese angle to push their agenda on you through what you already think you believe about them. Their behavior is just as racist as if they joined up with the KKK and started hating Black people!


What's got me amazed is that people here, of all places, belive the B.S. that those P∂TA-freaks are shoving down people's throats! And you regurgitate that Pablum-puke as if it was truth.

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You know how every person in the world is afraid of someone spraying red paint on their furs?


Same thing. They believe it was a staged media trick.


My insurance lady says she has never had a claim for this kind of damage and she has been one of the top insurers for over 20 years.


On the thought of actually skinning a live animal: speaking from experience of owning 2 feral cats. (Did I spell that right? What I mean is a domesticated wild cat) If you ever tried to catch them, must less hurt them, you are going to have a BIG fight on your hands! Have any of you ever watched a cat fight?! ... these are not submissive animals. ... no "lambs" in this breed!



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