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New pics from Titans/Giants game


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Yes, I went to the Titans/Patriots game and of course I anticipated a delightfully cold New Years Eve game. Instead it was 60 and poured all during the first half. Not a fur in sight obviously.


While waiting in the club section that should have been teeming with furs, I was checking out my cell phone camera gallery and realized that I hadn't uploaded all of the pictures I took a few weeks ago. Again, I apologize for the low quality but hey, they're real women in furs, not models, which are my favorite. Enjoy them and they're in the gallery.

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Tell me about it. I was in the 100 level right above the Titans tunnel.


I came within a hair of getting club tix for the game, but alas it was not to be this time.


However, the g/f and I did have the car loaded up with furs for the long drive back home....

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