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Christina ricci gives in to terrorism

Guest touchofsable

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as i mentioned briefly in another post, i am going to write a letter and post it here for others to use as they will to send to her and other celebs. my meager attempt to help... give me a day or so.

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Well, I was thinking of suggesting making a petition, but that could come across just as bad as those darn PETA folks. So, how about a letter we could all sign, along the lines that Miss T suggested? Or would sending a letter from each member here be better? Either way, you can count me in!! After seeing that pic of her on the cover of a magazine (can't remember which - sorry), I thought she looked spectacular!!


Just my ten penneth..



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So, how about a letter we could all sign, along the lines that Miss T suggested? Or would sending a letter from each member here be better?


Unc, I think a letter or message or email from each of us would seem more spontaneous and would therefore have more impact. One letter signed by everyone (that would have to be an email) would appear to be organized and rehearsed, much like a petition . . .


Any way to find out who manages her career, i.e., who is her agent? Letters/emails to her agent/agency would definitely get to her.

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Unc, I think a letter or message or email from each of us would seem more spontaneous and would therefore have more impact. One letter signed by everyone (that would have to be an email) would appear to be organized and rehearsed, much like a petition . . .


Ok - good point!! Hopefully someone can find out who to contact so we can send Ms Ricci our greetings and well-wishing

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Folks our staff here are all pretty busy with their work here. Would someone have the time to contact the reporter in the one link and ask if he would forward an email to her sales reps? Maybe if we are lucky he would even offer to print a small page on the story showing our angle. I don't think we should ask for that though. More likely to happen if he thinks he is suggesting it.



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OK OK, I think I got it:


Agents Address : ICM

8942 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90210.


It came from a 'faqs.org' website, fairly comprehensive, on a section re Teen Starlets.


Not sure if old or new but other references to her indicate a long-time association with an agent - so do we write to them



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Okay this actually took many hours to formulate... so I was close to my day estimate but late. It is a bit long but I tried to be brief enough to not bore. Input and corrections are needed!


Dear Ms. Christina Ricci,


First I wish to say I have seen you perform in many films and have always been

taken with your mannerism, your charm and feminine sleekness most women

long to possess. Your style and beauty have always brought up images of the

classic woman, that idol to be adored and emulated - someone from Hollywood's

past if you will. I was saddened to hear the news report on the internet that you

will be removing fur from your personal wardrobe due to pressure from outside



It is a common story these days, celebrities being pressured by this or that group

to do what they say must be right. I do understand the need to maintain the

favor of the majority of your fans, but please do not think we all share this anti-fur

outlook. I am proud to say that I adore fur and wear it very often. There are many,

many others in the world who share this passion for fur, though a good number are

silent due to fear of reprisal and intimidation. I wish to break thru that fear and

stand up and be heard for what I believe is right as well.


What I have understood of you Ms. Ricci, both from your public life and your choice

of character roles, is that you are a strong woman. As such, you must be

bombarded with letters begging your attention to this or that issue. I do not seek

anything more than a few moments of your time to share another view-point with you.

I do not represent any organization or group, but I write to you as one woman to

another in hopes of bringing news that I feel is to your benefit to know. I normally do

not take time to write letters, but felt that if I could offer an alternative view to you in

this instance, that my effort would be worth it. I know it is far more common to

receive letters that are anti-fur rather than pro-fur; however, I do wish to provide

evidence to the lesser heard argument that is in favor of the sustainable,

environmentally friendly fur industry. I will later provide you with a link to a web page

with a world of knowledge from professionals from all walks of life pertaining to fur

and fur bearing animals.


Allow me a moment to introduce myself briefly. I am a a 34 year old self-employed

photographer and former fetish model. I love beauty and glamour, it is what I strive

to achieve with my work. Spreading a smile to those who view my photographs is

a goal of mine, as I think there is much too much to focus on that is negative in our

world. I myself was pushed by anti-fur elements most all of my life, having grown

up in the 1980's in Ohio, although I instinctually loved fur from the age of five. I

knew even at that young age that fur gave me a soft, warm protected and wonderful

feeling and that it was something to be treasured. I allowed myself to be bullied by

one growing group's sway and loud voice for too long. I denied myself the pleasure

of even thinking of owning fur until only three years ago. I was in the rare position of

being given gifts now and then, so I started to ask for furs. I found my collection of

furry gifts delighted me more than I thought possible way back at the age of five and

was sorry to have postponed such an important element of life for so long. Mind you,

I do not value my furs for vanity's sake or anything as superficial as that, like most

anti-fur people will say; I truly love the many tangible traits of fur that simply are

impossible to reproduce synthetically. The feel and sight of fur is wonderful but there

are many other qualities that cannot be found elsewhere. For me, fur is a





page 2



celebration of the beautiful animal who bore such a lovely and warm hide; it is also a

preservation of that strong and unique being which would eventually die and rot of its

own accord as we all do. I do believe in treasuring beauty and fur is a form of beauty

to me.


Do not get me wrong, I am as complex as the next person and as compassionate too.

I do also love animals, have owned several and realize their place as earthbound

companion creatures... but I do not extend to them special status above anything else.

I constantly want to ask vegans how many plants they killed to eat that day when they

yell at me asking me how many animals died for me to look good. Who is standing up

for the plants?! No one! I believe it is because they aren't cute and fluffy enough for

most people to take notice of them... and that never has sat well with me. I think each

thing on this planet has intrinsic value, has life force of its own and requires

consideration. I also eat meat, I wear leather, I use most resources to survive and for

pleasure just as humans have done for all time; I do think most of us have lost touch

with what is required to survive without someone killing and packaging our food for us,

living in cities like worker drones as we do. I do not belive we are all equal creatures.

There is an obvious pecking order to the world and all who dwell here. All that said, I

now am at an age where I am confident in myself, in my desires and know what my own

morals demand of me and those around me. No one is going to sway me with their set

of morals which do not coincide with my own, that is part of that ideal of freedom that

is scarce these days. I feel that cowering to pressure when you do not agree with that

pressure is wrong and I refuse to comply anymore. I know, Ms. Ricci, that you are a

similarly confident and aware woman otherwise you would not have achieved the great

success and fame you possess.


I saw that W Magazine cover of you that supposedly put you on Peta's worst

dressed of 2006 list, the one in reindeer hide. I found it bold, lovely and a great

turn from the usual holiday time cover. The photographer in me stopped and sighed

at a shot perfectly executed and a vision to stop and gaze upon. You projected a very

iconic image of the beauty of woman and nature in a raw and touching way. I am sure

you would agree that this striking image made an impact on many people, just from all

the fan letters you received in response. I am hurt that such a negative response has

deluged you into feeling you must apologize for yourself. You and I are free women,

but to what extent? Now you're being told what to wear and what is right and wrong.

Do you believe you are wrong? Have you examined the situation thoroughly or just

seen what you've been shown by Peta and similar animal rights supporters?


I think it is important in this day and age for there to be role models who can

stand proud and use their influence for good purposes. You have been such a

role model to myself and countless number of others who stay silent out of fear

of reprisal from groups who terrorize humans in the name of animal rights. I do not

exaggerate when I say I've gotten death threats simply for posting photos online that

I've shot that contain fur in them. And these threats come from compassionate,

ethical people, as they are the first to point out who is the monster and who is the

saint. But who is receiving this fair or ethical treatment? The people who have

contrasting views get no compassion only hatred and ridicule. I certainly don't think

the thousands of animals Peta put down over the years felt they got their share of

compassion. So, on behalf of all those who love and appreciate fur, I thank you for





page 3



having been that positive role model in furs and do hope that you may don your them

again one day. This fear that is used against us is not divine intervention or anything

that all of us must obey without question. It is the fear which kept me from wearing

fur till my 30's. And it is the same fear that has made you pause and be swayed to

the point of saying you will not wear a fur garment that you obviously enjoy. But fear

is a tool of dictators and those who wish to oppress, it has never served the masses

well and it has no good moral use as I see it.


Knowledge and the seeking of truth from others who are educated and trained in the

field of fur farming or manufacturing is a good first step to seeing beyond what you

have been told by Peta proponents. There are many little known facts about the fur

farming industry, like it promotes recycling meat byproduct waste to feed fur bearing

animals. This is but one example of the postive aspects of fur farming. The synthetic

fur options that are offered are made of petroleum products and do much damage to

the eco system and the environment as a whole, and these items do not bio-degrade

as real fur does.


I am including a link to a fellow friend and fur proponent's myspace page, as he has

done extensive research into the matter of fur and society which you may find






He is a well known and respected artist who specializes in the field of the European

equestrian racing set. His page contains hours of research he has done which is

conveniently available as links to reputable sources. I do ask you to take a little time

to inform yourself, as this is my greatest goal in writing to you. I can't help myself,

when I find information that is being skewed or not shared openly and easily I want to

rush in and bring that torch to light the way, so that we always know truth to the best

of our abilities.


I wish you continued success and I hope to see you entertaining us all in your own

unique and brilliant way for years to come! Shine brilliantly and stand alone in your

greatness as the star in you demands!


Best Wishes!




Alright, critique away or rip it and change use bits but do not copy verbatim or it will do no good. Make sense? I know there are several arguments I have left out for example, as I was wanting to break ice and let them/her do the research themselves. I hope it actually gets to her one day, knowing the bunches of mail that must get ignored.


Going offline officially later today, Thur. I'll stop in now and then to say hi!

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Hi Miss T

well done for that. She may feel isolated in her love of fur and therefore find this very welcome.

Yes send something similar to Miss Wintour too.

There are a few links in the library you may wish to add in too. SAGA's welfare page and the furcommission.






and this great site from the furcouncil of canada. linked here to the page showing support from a conservation perspective for fur:









And of course this , with a comment from yourself about how corrupt and wicked that PETA are as an organisation:




So if you plonk those in you are there .


Have you an email address for Miss Ricci?




Miss T....re the reindeer fur, please see my thread on reindeer, add the info and the link and point out that Miss Ricci made a dramatic symbol there and she should be proud not ashamed to support such native way of life and the Boreal forest. Point out to her that this is what the oil and synthetics industry is doing there:



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right on thanks dave, i'll add that info and see where cuts can be made to shorten it.



ps - i added those links but don't see how to shorten it much... but will work on that tonight as i must rush out.



thanks everyone for all the friendship and support! let's keep making noise!!



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This is a related matter to the cover picture that started this whole mess in the first place. According to the caption in W, it says that she is wearing reindeer. I would have to say that if there is any reaindeer at all in the pic, it is out of sight covered by the gorgeous grey fox trim. Whilst this is entirely possible, I was wondering if anyone has further information regarding the fur in the picture itself.

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Yes you are right that picture is fox, but I know that either part of the coat or another coat she modelled must be reindeer because I saw it mentioned on a forum somewhere from a conservation point of view that such action help the Sami and Evenk and hihlight reindeer as the oldest known domesticated animal, and that the herding lifestyle and use of reindeer fur protects habitats, and that PETA by such action threaten them.

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This is absolutlely true. When I was in Finland a couple of years ago, I took a tour up to Lapland and the capital city there called Rovaniemii. There is a Santa Village theme park there with a trip called a Reindeer Safari. Anyway, to make a long story short, there was a family from the UK in the group for the day outing, and when we got to the reindeer petting portion just before lunch (where reindeer wqas served in various delicious ways!), the little girl asked if they killed Santa's reindeer. The gentleman leading the tour answered politely but firmly that whilst the nine named members of the team were safe, that yes, the people up north did raise the reindeer for various purposes, not unlike sheep in the UK. I was very happy to hear such a clear response, and the girl seemed satisfied.

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