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My girlfriends new furcoat


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Yesterday she got another new coat. This time it's a sort of shearling-rabbit.

The outside of the coat is the leatherside of the rabbit, the inside is the furside.

The coat has a nice double sided furcollar and a matching belt.

It's great to see how the coat moves while she is walking besides me

Some pics: (the leather looks a bit tan, but last one show the right color)


The coat


Collar open


Collar closed


Inside view




Her wearing it



What dou you think 8)

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Looks very soft and snug, S-M! Congratulations on the new coat, and give your gf our very best wishes!


I am sure you will get many fond memories with it




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It was a rabbit coat that made me take notice of my own lovely wife many years ago. New Years Eve will find us in our favorite upscale restaurant and she will be wearing her dark female mink shortcoat. It's still as powerful an aphrodisiac as ever and the only difference these days is that she knows how to "work it" around me. You're a very lucky man also!

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