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Happy Holidays!

Guest dragon

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Just a note to weigh in on the misrepresentation snafu lol


Frbrgr, dragon, cookie, white fox and all the guys get along fine...We are good friends, not competitors....If ya have to blame someone, blame me. I helped Cookie get rid of a troublemaker. the reason for doing so, is being skewed. Cookie is a tolerant guy who was doing a service by removing some one who was and is missleading people. In other words helping...


We think that you guys run a wonderful forum, and are proud to be involved....frbrgr and I go waaaaaaaay back, in fact several years, as freinds, as does Cookie....


that being said


God bless you all!!


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Thanks Dragon, and Happy Holidays to you and all on your site as well. I wish that I had more computer time so I could spend more there on your site as well.


Indeed as you say, we are all part of the great fur loving family, and hopefully we always will be.


As John Wayne once said. May You, BrGr, AK, and Cookie live forever. And may I live one day longer!



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