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Wishing Eric a speedy recovery!!


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Thanks Linda for starting this.


Eric, you have been a great member here for so long and we really wish for your speedy return! Get well soon and get back here quickly guy! We really miss you when you are away! This place just isn't the same without you!



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Linda and Eric,


Please keep us posted as well as you can.


I have been aware of Erics' situation for a long time. But, I was reluctant to place a message about his condition. I believe in his right to privacy and if he wishes to make others aware of it is his decision.


I have always kept him in my prayers. Unfortunately I have a bad feeling about his condition at this time. I wish him only the best. I ask that we all keep him in our prayers during his time of need.


At this time all I can say is "Get well my friend and I wish you only the best."

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Eric you sob stopdoing this!!!


Now I know you can fight so fight !!!!!!



We and the other place need you man....you are a rock!!!!!



GET WELL!!! It isn't up for debate!!!!!


Now I always listen to you when you give me shit so now you listen to me 'kay!!!????


I promise something really really really special for your eyes only if you fight and get better, as a new year gift.

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No matter what happens, Eric, the Bears and I have you in our thoughts!


Just hang tight and keep some fur close by and everything will be all right.

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Told my bear about your bears worker, and he lit a candle in support. But he's now gone and singed all his fur, silly thing.


Fight Eric! It's the way forwards no matter how bad things are. Get well!!

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Eric has not picked up his messages today. I know mornings are busy in hospitals.


Are there any of his friends that can keep us up-to-date, if he is not well enough to?


I think I will pm Money Penny.



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