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Holiday wish thread for new members


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I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that take part in out fur world here.


Our site is made up of such a wonderful diverse group.


As Piotr has mentioned, there are so many of you that are silent. We would love to benefit from your presence as well. We do not need you posting hundreds of posts, just let us know you are here and what you like and what we add to your life.


To those of you that already commit your time and energies here: Thank you! You have added so much to my life since I found this wonderful site.


I hope that each of you has a wonderful day.


Maybe as a start new members could just post a holiday wish here?





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As a start I already started a new Thread. Nevertheless I want to follow your proposal to give a holiday wish as a "new" old silent member:


I wish that all our furry friends can live out what they want to be !


I for myself am living out my dream as far as I can; I am now accepting my special desire for all the furry soft things. My special gift for myself this year was a sheared mink boxer short.


I encourage all other silent members to at least have one post in answer to ReFur

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