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All quiet under the covers

Mr Barguzin

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"T'was the day before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."


And Piotr was BORED..... so he went to the members list and did a bit of reading...... and what did his thoughtful eyes hit upon?? Well, nothing much other than the fact that as of this time stamp 600 PLUS "members" had been stoical in their silence.


That's correct folks, 600 plus folks have joined our little family and have yet to utter ONE WORD!!, let alone a full sentence.


So all you cellar dwellers... yes YOU.... don't look at Little Johnnie sitting on your right... I am talking to YOU!! I am issuing you a challenge.


Prove that you are more than a figment of the ether and actually post something (within the CoC guidelines, of course) and be surprised at the response that you WILL receive.


If you are lacking in any idea what to post, just check out the first post of Katja.... and her follow-ups... yes folks... FOLLOW-UPS... we DO reply and so do others. You might be amazed at what will be forthcoming.


Now. I know that some of you CRAVE the anonymity you currently possess and are afraid to lose it, for fear that someone you know might ALSO visit this place.... now wouldn't THAT be a shock... to you BOTH!!! You might even start a life long friendship centred around something other than sport or computers.


Now to make it easy, the post need not be in this forum, but MUST be within this site.


So, how's about it. Put aside your fears, forget about repeating something that has already been said. Make use of the talent that you possess and express yourself or your love of fur or your love of life or whatever. Just crawl up from the cellar and step into the light so that we all may welcome you properly to the Den, for what you are, for what you want to be, for what you want this place to be.


YOU are what makes this place evolve... not BrGr, Not WF, Not AK and Definitely not Me, but YOU!


Oh and the same applies to you lot what have not even bothered to register.... REGISTER... say your piece... join in... stop boring me with your inactivity.


Explore the Library and the Gallery... which is only available to members.


Competition... sorry Challenge closes at midnight Eastern Australian Time January 31...... SO GET CRACKING YOU SLACKERS!!!!

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