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White Fox

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There are a couple of things about the Gallery here that many new follk and even some old might have missed. Someone posted info about photo 649 last night.


Our photo area is a great place, but like others, it has it's own little twists in the way that it works. If you post a link to a photo there it will likely work for awhile, but not for long. Suddenly that link will go to the wrong photo.


For those of you who don't know how to get around this, the poster of "649" did it exactly right. If you want to refer to a photo there just post the name of the photo or the file. Then, it is very easy to do a quick search for it.

To do that, just look for the "Search" tab. When you click on search, make sure that you tell it to search filename, etc. You just need to check off the "Filename" Box. Then just do the search and there it is. You can imagine though how many "Fox" pictures we have so it is best to give it as much info to search by as possible. Both full name and/or file name help. If you are not quite sure how it works, just try to search out the last picture posted that you can see. Once you find that one you will understand how it works.


***Now then, in case you didn't know you can indeed change the look of the pictures page totally. On the page, you will see "Themes". Just click that and you will find a list of available types. Just click on one and the look of the page will change totally. Instantly. You will find that this improves the gallery tremendously as it will give it the look that you best like and of course not all people like the same look.


This option is of course available here in the forums as well. Do you hate that green? Or do you dislike the way things are organized on this site? Dislike the "Open" look of the type style? Just go to FAQ and look for styles. You can change the look in both design and colour of this site instantly. If you liked the old site better, just change the style to Aluminoid or Aeolus, and I think you will love the look.


White Fox

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