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Baby is sent through airport X-ray machine!

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Baby is sent through X-ray machine at LAX


A woman places her month-old grandson in a bin for carry-on items. Doctors later determine he did not get a dangerous dose of radiation.


By Jennifer Oldham, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

December 20, 2006


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Ten seconds of exposure to an X-ray machine isn't the question here.

It's hard enough to believe that anybody would be stupid enough to actually DO this!

But it's even HARDER to believe that security didn't catch this until AFTER the baby had already been X-rayed!

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What next, she'll set her on the ledge at the crocodile pit at the zoo? Send her down the clothes chute because the baby pooped her diaper? My gosh! Someone get that baby back to her Mother NOW.

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*Leaping bravely where few have dared to tread*


Yeah, Steve goofed when he "appeared to get too close" to the croc whilst holding hm bob(??). Then again.... given the angle from which the image was taken... do you really think he was that stupid??


BTW, he was always closer to the teeth than bob


I am not condoning his actions, merely watering down the PC-ness of the over-reaction.


VVVWEG Could also explain my singularity WEG

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What gets me is the fact that they say the baby did not get a dangerous level of raditaion. What a joke. The authorities say what suits them. ANY dose of radiation from x ray machines is dangerous. ONE x ray is equivalent in terms of possible cancer as a lifetime smoking.....and those are where there is some protection. This machine was NOT designed to offer any protection and the whole body was x rayed. The baby is f*****

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I'm on the fence about that.


The baby got a pretty big blast of radiation but it was only a few seconds worth.


Any instantaneous measurement of radiation is only valid at a particular moment but what REALLY counts is exposure over time.


Most people are exposed to radiation on a daily basis due to cosmic rays, radiation released from underground deposits and even appliances in the home like TVs, computers, cellular phones and microwave ovens.


The instantaneous exposure to any ONE of them isn't very much at all but the overall exposure, over time DOES add up!


So, imagine that you're carrying around a bucket with you every day of your life. Every time you are exposed to some radiation the bucket gets a few more drops of water added to it. When the bucket starts getting full, you start getting sick.


MOST people get a few drops of water added to their proverbial buckets every single day of their lives. That baby's bucket probably just got about a quart of water added to it all in a few seconds.


Over his life, if he gets a "normal" exposure to radiation, he is probably going to see some ill health effects when he gets older but, given the ever increasing amounts of radiation humans are exposed to every day it will probably be impossible to tell if any ill effects he suffers were from his intantaneous exposure to that X-ray machine or from something else.


But, using the bucket analogy again, that baby's proverbial bucket is probably already half full but he's only two weeks old!

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