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Fur Picture Contest WINNERS!

Worker 11811

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Last month White Fox annouced a photo contest for Fur Den members:


Well, folks! The judges have tallied their scorecards and the winners are:


1) WINNER -- ipreste for his picture in the Fur Fashion Gallery.




2) RUNNER-UP -- furelli for his picture in the Fetish Gallery.




3) BEST SERIES -- moso for his series of pictures in the Fetish Gallery.






4) SPECIAL RECOGNITION -- MrC1946 for his series of vintage Santa Claus pictures in the Et Cetera Gallery.












Let's have a round of applause for the winners!


" title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" />


And, thank you EVERYBODY for contributing to the gallery! Your pictures help make The Fur Den the best place for fur pictures on the 'net!


*** NOTE ***

In order to be able to click on the links above and view the pictures you need to be logged into the Gallery FIRST.


If you allow your browser to store cookies and you have logged in and checked the "Remember Me" box in the log-in screen you should already be logged in. If you haven't done this you need to log in and check that box. Otherwise you might not be able to see the pictures.


*** EDIT from Worker 11811 ***

Some dummy mistyped a link above so I fixed it for him!

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I don't recall seeing a competition.


Howver I do fully concur about all four pics/sets because they were all completely new to me and real quality.


Congratulations and thanks!

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Yes again, thanks all for posting. Our gallery is indeed a special place with so many great photos.


Thanks to those who posted the winning photos, and to Worker and OFF as well for their work on this.


White Fox

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White Fox, did I hear that the winners were each receiving their choice of a king size fox blanket for their bed . . . ?



Many thanks, too, to OFF and Worker for their hard work in this contest!


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Wow, these from the 50's and 60's are fantastic! Its so nice to see some recognition and appreciation for this era. Some of us are a little more mature and have fond fascination for this period. These examples show the breadth of color and creative styling that was evident back then. Thanks so much!

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