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Tilda swinton (chronicles of Narnia)

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Its on tv (sky movies) this christmas.









Now I haven't seen the movie but it looks pretty good to me! Tilda Swinton is a very sexy villainess I hear, yet though it was mentioned a while ago we haven't talked that much about it.


I have seen her smoke in movies yet strangely there is not much mention of her on smoking fetish sites. But the thought of her smoking in that get up off camera is driving me wild! Any of you guys help who like faking stuff?

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Thanks for the great post.

I really enjoyed the movie on the big screen and I have to say Tilda was great !Also everybody wore furs, both the forces of good and the witch

(no PETA sub rosa PC nonsense Hooray !!)


I have noticed that a favorite topic on the Den is " When did it all begin"


I think your second and third images speak volumes

Bettcha Edward is a fur fetishist already!







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Yesterday I saw two lads and a girl in their teens, of Italian descent. They had a cousin over from Italy, and I sat near as she had a beautiful crystal fox , and those new 80s style boots. She had great make up and dramatic raven hair, and was "treating" her British cousins to last minute christmas shopping and lattes etc.

She was around mid twenties, and struggled with English but was very animated. Only the eldest boy spoke Italian (I don't) but "pelliccia" was mentioned a lot, and there was lots of touching of the fur!

I think all those teens had a fascination with her fur, and several by passers commented on how beautiful it was, as I did when they left too.


So yes if there is an attractive aunt, cousin, neighbour teacher etc wearing fur when you are a kid of course you will see it for the beautiful thing it is, and likely to become fetishistic especially in a society where there is a degree of demonisation as that makes it especially desirable.


So imagine .....Edward is bound to be attracted to it I would have thought!


I remeber as a 7 year old sat next to the evil snow queen in a travelling theatre school play where the performers would come and sit with the kids to encourage audience participation.....it reminds me of that pic of Tilda and edward so much! Yes I remember still my heart pounding!

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