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Britney Spears - Fur or Faux


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It's too hard to tell from those pictures.


Heck, it could be "UltraSuede" for all I can tell. I can't even see any real nap to the garment at all.


It looks more like she's wearing a Halloween costume than a fur coat!

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Can't tell about the fur, but she seems to be wearing underwear for a change.


Thats a first for her I think.

With her brain, who knows!

She did marry K-fed

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more celebs in photos (warning it's posted on antifur site) - Link Removed for security reasons. See below.


Moderator's note:


The website mentioned above is operated by the Animal Liberation Front.


It is against Fur Den policy to post links to anti-fur sites.

This is done for security reasons and for philosophical reasons.


Webmasters can track the movements of visitors to their sites. In order to prevent the webmasters at the ALF from following the trail back here, we do not allow links to such sites.


The website does not SEEM to have any tracking code in its pages or use any gimmicks to trick your computer to giving up information about who you are or where you have been on the internet but the SERVER on which it is operated may very well track your movements on the internet.


This was done in an effort to prevent members of PETA and ALF from attacking the Fur Den or its members.


Use due caution when visiting pages like this in the future. Webmasters can tell MANY things about you when you visit their sites!

Worker 11811

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As sort of an aside to this topic...and this may sound a bit strange (it does to my own ears as I am typing it! ), but whether it is faux or the genuine article, I think that in the long run when Miss Spears or any well known personage wears furs it gives a boost to the wearing of furs by the general populace. This is especially so due to the fact that so many people honestly cannot tell the difference between faux and real. To them, fur is fur, and if Britney is wearing it, than it must be okay for me as well. This attitude is good for the fur industry of course, and in turn good for us.

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