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I believe there's a race meeting at Cheltenham on New Year's Day. Has anyone been there before? I've never been racing before so don't know what to expect.


How much does it cost to get in? I've had a look at the pricing matrix on the website, and I'm confused! I presume the likes of Tattersalls, Best Mate and Baracouda are the various stands, but Tattersalls is listed twice with two different prices.


Are there particular areas (presumably you have to pay more) where you're more likely to see furs?


Is it best to buy a ticket in advance, or can you get one on the day?


Thanks for any help!


Is it easy to get to the racecourse?

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Day member badges would be the best but it may be that thses are not in effect on New Years day, in which case Tats would be the best.

You don't want the silver ring!

As for stand seats any will do. You only sit in your seat for the few minutes each race is on. Then you walk back and for to the paddock and around the shops in between races and you will see plenty of furs. Even some shops sell them.

Antis do not go racing as they do not believe the thoroughbred should exist, and everyone that goes is pro hunting just about....all the jockeys and horses at Cheltenham learn their jumping skills in the hunting field.


New Years day is nearly always cold so lots of furs will be there!

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The prices of furs are cheaper than London. Not as cheap as ebay. There are brand new and also second hand...so then the latter has what the client wants for it built into the price. Which means I have seen a Dior blackglama go for

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So is the silver ring the Best Mate Enclosure? Looking at the course map, that's the only bit I can see that is set apart from the main stands.


Sounds like there's a lot to look forward to!

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