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Modest sighting!

Guest TheCoyote

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I was working in a local town called Knutsford, Cheshire today, and saw a petite, not un-attractive lady in a heavy scarlet woolen coat with a very thick and soft looking fur collar.

Couldn't tell if it was real or fake so I approached for closer inspection. With a friendly smile, she asked if I could help her. I did so and told her that I was admiring the collar. She smiled and stroked it saying that she fell in love with the coat at first sight, and that despite it was more than she would usually pay, she had to have it. She had a peek about to make sure no-one was able to overhear her, and she said that although she wasn't sure, she suspected it was real, I think she was right, perhaps fox dyed scarlet. 'Don't worry.' I told her. 'I'm not offended by that, in fact I think it is beautiful.' She ran her fingers through the fur again and grinned.

Didn't get the opportunity to touch it myself, but she asked for me to set something to one side for her. So I am expecting her to return for it tomorrow, with luck in the same coat!


Here's hoping that is not to be the only sighting this winter.

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