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Heidi Klum


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Very interesting catalog they just put out.


Lots of fur... real fur... pictured in the catalog itself, yet no fur for sale.


There are several pictures of scaltily clad, nubile, young women sitting on what appears to be real fur bedspreads or posing with fur accessories. There's a picture on the front cover of a girl hugging a big, white Teddy Bear and there are several more pictures inside but I was disappointed that not a Bear could be bought except for the "Pink" bear which we already have.


Seems kinda' two-faced if you ask me.

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Was watching TV this evening and saw a Victoria's Secret commercial with Heidi Klum, wearing the same outfit in the picture in your post, katz!


It was pretty hot, as far as network TV commercials go.


She was singing the song, "Santa Baby". 99.999% chance it was lip-synced, though :shrug:


But the curious part was that she skipped a line... "Just slip a sable under the tree... For me!" and went right on into "I've been an awfully good girl... You see! -- Santa Baby! Hurry down the chimney tonight!"


It was a glaring omission for me. I have to sit through rehearsal after rehearasl for each year's Christmas show. "Santa Baby" is one of the featured songs.

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