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Lana Cox Videos


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Does anyone have any Lana Cox video's that I could buy?

I know there are pay-per-view sites with them but, I want an actual physical copy. Either VHS or DVD. Thank you.

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Sorry that I do not have anything to help you here on that one. However, I do want to say "Welcome to the New Den". It is always so great to see a new member here and especially great to see a post you. We hope to hear from you often.


White Fox

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Hi Banana,


Let me add my welcome to the Den as well. Ms. Cox videos have been out of print for years and they are extremely difficult to find. Wish I could help - keep checking eBay and similar sites. Be careful, many of the copies you see for sale may not be original, but dubbed from other copies.



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I think Touchofsable was mostly referring to me.


As far as I know, the three "Lana in Fur" videos and DVDs were for sale through her website. Sadly that site has now closed and Lana still owns the copyright for them but they are no longer for sale. As people also know here from recent topics, she is very protective of her material and those who pirate or share it without her permision.


There are other videos of Lana Cox in furs around and about on the net - such as some she did for FurWorld - but I think most who have seen them would agree her own titles were much better.


I'm not sure if she still does video modelling but she might consider it if the money was right.



Mr Mockle

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