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White Fox

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We now have 21 sponsors to the New Den. There may indeed be one or two more whose book work has not been completed yet.


I especially want to thank all of you who have given money so far to sponsor us in the New Den. It has been very hard for us this time as we needed to get enough money for more than two years of dedicated server time in order to reach our goal. It just does not make sense for us to go to a dedicated server this year only and then not be able to pay for one next year! That is the reason for our doing this.


I do not always get time to say a word of thanks to sponsors as I am just so very busy here by times. So I especially want to do that right now. Each and every one of you who have donated can feel that you are a real part of this place. And we hope that you take as much pride in that as we do. This is indeed a very special web site indeed.


If you have thought about making that donation but just not quite gotten round to it somehow, I highly encourage you to do so. Your help will keep the New Den on the air in the future. The names of each and every one of you who donate will appear in the top line of the forums at some time. And you will feel that you are a part of the pulse of this wonderful site. As some of our donars have mentioned - "We really encourage you do donate. You will be so glad that you did." Those who gave us larger donations have truly helped us out so much here! It was you folks who put us over the line so to speak. But, indeed those of you who gave smaller amounts are important too. And we want you to know that we realize that!


Thanks to all who have participated! And we really hope those of you who have not given will think about helping us out.


You can see the sponsor list by clicking on sponsors and clicking the proper link, or just go here...



Thank you so much to every one of you who have helped out. You each have a special place in our hearts!


White Fox

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