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A Movie and Festive Greetings

Guest Tryxie Trash

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I'd like to take this opportunity to offer you all pre festive Bah Humbugfest Greetings and best wishes all round, and give you a fond farewell.


Lifes journey has take a few unexpected twists and turns of late and dumped me on my butt in an unplanned destination. And I don't want hear a word about women not being able to navigate... RIGHT!


So I'm generally taking a break from everything to sort life out again, plus my participation here has been somewhat sparce recently although I do pop in but find reading the posts such hard work that I never complete one topic.


As a parting gift, and because this is a fur forum above all things, I have to tell you about a movie I watched last night. Breakfast on Pluto, if you can handle Irish accents, homosexuality, transvestism, fornicating catholic priests, homophobia, and violence its for you, and there is lots of fur to be seen as well.



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Yes, plz do stay in touch, Tryxie! BTW - If you need someone to talk to who is a great "sounding board," don't hesitate to PM "Foxy Red," one of our newest members, and my "better half." Take it from me - She's a great listener and if asked, will give you a great, objective perspective from her point of view. I've often said that she would have been a great counselor!


I wish you all the very best, Tryxie, and here's hoping that everything turns out on the good end of things for you! You're "good people" and you deserve good things! (I think I'll pass on the movie, though - in spite of all the fur . . . )



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