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Dead Man Walketh...Again!!!


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Alright folks, I have returned. Despite what I said on the old forum & much leg pulling from Linda I have returned. Sad day for us all I know.


Anyway, my surgery went good, no complications (yet), and I am on the road to recovery. 90 percent of the nerve pain is gone!!!! I still am sore from the surgery itself but it's all healing nicely, (I think) . I do have too wear a lower back brace for three months when I am up moving around. But it beats having all that pain .


I read the post Linda started on me, & let me say I was shocked . I honestly had no idea that most everyone here was this close. I thank you for all the kind words and responses. Deffinitely has made me feel better about myself & glad I am home near the computer so I can talk to all of you again.


Alright then, this next piece is for Linda. I would like to take this opportunity to say how sad I am to hear about her mother. Although I do not know what exactly she is going through my thoughts are with her & her family. Back in 1992 from July-Sept. I lost my Dad, Grandpa, & my Cat (purebred calico), all unexpectedly. As I said above, I do have an idea of what she is going through.


Well thats it for all my rambling for now. As I have said before, "more BULL**** to come later". .

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Welcome back Imax, and do hope you get back to 100% soon. Must admit, didn't even know you were in hospital..


Glad to hear everything went ok though



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Nice to see you are home again.


Glad you are doing well, too.


As for me, I am fine. For a few days I had a very hard time accepting the news. Now it is just waiting. At least my Mom will be at peace finally.


Actually, the Den has been like therapy for me.



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I don't have a lot of time to explore around the site here and due to that I just found this post.

I am really glad to hear that you are back on the go here again. And great to see you back on the site again.


Hope all continues to go well, and hope that you are able to spend time with us on the Den again for a long while.


We do like to think that we are like a family here. And indeed we do like to think that you are a part of that family.


Welcome back!


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