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Holiday parties can be hard on your fur!


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Yes this is a problem the whole yar round. And another reason...possibly more so than objection by anttis...why you don't see so many frs around. Remeber you don't see too many stunning dresses around either. My girlfriend won't wear nice clothes to the pub on a busy night because of the culture of bing drinking and the beahviour of sticky floors, people who can't stand up let alone hold a drink steady, and general twat culture:





If I had been there that smug bastards face would have had some major rearranging.


Just to show that smoking can be nice with fur though:








I especially adore this one:



whats this?



my kind of seasonal party:



I like Arimneste:

I Caused a Car Accident


Anyway back to the point. The party season. Yes my girlfriend is unwilling to wear fur or for that matter any nice clothes to some packed pub full of twats getting pissed up and spilling their drinks and vomiting everywhere.


Another problem with the party season with fur is seams of furs coming apart in violent love making induced by alcohol!

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