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I've never been a big Madonna fan, BUT - You go, girl!!


Incidentally - Madonna's family grew up in the same little Ohio River town as Foxy Red. The Duchess never knew Madonna, but she knew her family. FR, you may want to correct me here, but I guess they moved out of your town before Madonna was born . . . (?)

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how do PETA get away with this shit with the press all the time. It says chinchilla are violently killed while still conscious yet most farmed chinchilla are euthanised as there is no point in saving the meat as its quite a small animal beneath the fluff.

Why don't the press ever check what PETA tell them?

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This one, single CUP OF COFFEE has killed 1,000 times more chinchillas than that coat has!


Chinchillas are naitive to the Andes. The slash-and-burn agriculture used to convert virgin land into coffee plantations has caused the death or, better still, prevented the birth of many, many more animals than I could EVER hope to kill by making fur coats. Furthermore, something like 98% of all chinchilla coats EVER MADE came from animals grown on fur farms, specifically for the purpose. Chinchillas were imported into this country for the purpose of fur beginning in the early 1930s.


Since chinchillas have a gestation period of over 100 days, it's too hard for them to breed fast enough in the wild to produce enough pelts to make fur coats. The only way to produce animals fast enough is to breed them in captivity in large numbers.


Wild chinchillas are an endangered species for one reason and ONE reason only. Habitat destruction! It is the production of coffee that is one of the major players in that chain of events!


Madonna could GIVE a fur coat to every member of that audience and STILL cause less environmental damage than ONE coffee plantation in the Andes mountain range!


The next time one of those little P∂TA-snots give you sh*t about your fur coat tell them to shut their pie hole and buy them a cup of coffee.

When they finish drinking it, tell them how many animals DIED for that tasty beverage they just drank!


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Thanks for that one worker! Coffee, hmmmmm.

Incidentally, I read 2 UK sunday newspapers that were vitriolic towards Madonna and the coat, quoting the obvious PETA sources......sigh.

I think its a tall poppy syndrome - if Madonna is reading this - 'YOU DO IT, AND DON'T GIVE A ***K ABOUT ANY WINGING PATHETIC NEWSPAPER CRITIC' probably out to try and make a name for him/herself.



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Okay lads lets go to work.


Letters to the BBC and the newspapers....which ones were they auzmink?


If we don't do this nobody else will. Then when the jackbooted fascists knock on the door and take you away and seize your furs and publicly execute us we will wish we stemmed this tide of ignorance.


Because believe me, that is what is going to happen without a fight.

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okay here are the facts:


The main method used to eutahanise chinchilla recommended in Canada is cervical dislocation. It is rapid and cause immediate unconsciousness. It is exactly the same method as used in poultry:




In the EEC the methods are according to the Scientific Committee report

led by Dr. Dantzer:

neck breaking, admisinstered when the chinchilla is calm , by application of thumb pressure. this is also immediate.

The other method is euthaniasia...excatly as your old pet would have. They did have reservations about one method , 40% choral hydrate (5ml) which may cause some peritonium discomfort.


This is a far cry from the claims of PETA reported by the BBC.


Here are the strict regulations on chinchilla farming in Canada:



The methods used for fur are the same as for the pet trade, including sand baths etc. There are some welfare issues such as mortality caused by pneumonia which could be improved. These however are welfare issues not negation of the principle fo farming them:



page 69 is the euthanasia.



This is not for the faint hearted but remeber exactly the same issues are applicable to the meat industry and meat is equally unneccessary as fur.


How would you like to die. Be cuddled and your neck quickly broken or put to sleep? Or be stunned, to come around finding yourself strung up with your throat slit? that is what happens to cows. I would rather be a chinchilla.

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How would you like to die.


If I had a choice between living in a nice, warm cage with all the food I need and a hole between two rocks, high in the Andes mountains, I think I'd take the cage. I'd never have to worry about finding a place to sleep or think about where my next meal is coming from. And I'd get to f*** all the females I can lay my furry little paws on!


All I have to do is eat, sleep and have sex all day. In return, all I have to do is let somebody take my pelt when I die.


Wow! That sounds almost like the movie "Logan's Run"! (Except for the pelt part.)

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Quiet right worker.

Far better than the life of the billions of chickens and turkeys that die weekly, usually so streesded they have no faethers, crammed into cages where they stomp each other to death sometimes because they are so full of steroids that they cannor support their own body weight. One think for sure...never take any shit off chicken eaters or as worker points out coffee drinkers. West african coffee production has wiped out the leopard in that region whereas 25 000 years of him being hunted for fur didn't.


Here is the BBC complaint department:




Essential we include workers coffee argument as it has indeed wiped out the wild chinchilla classed now as one of the most threatened animals in the wild. The soys industry in south america won't have helped either:




refer them to their own link on how it is intensive ARABLE and plantation agriculture all over the planet that is the real threat to animals, not the fur indutsry which PROTECTS habitats through traditional and sustainable (remember furbearers are INFINITELY renewable) use.

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I just sent them a complaint. Thanks for the coffee info worker... I'll be using that I think. I might be wearing that chinchilla out this weekend and it does get attention... all good so far, but all the ammo one can have for a good argument is helpful!

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