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My New Fur


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Well I received my new fur today.


A lovely Silverfox Jacket I purchased from scarey, Berni's Husband as per my avatar.


I am so pleased I just had to tell someone.


Already one of my Girlfriends has worn it for me. So i so glad it was cold here in the UK today.


Take care all.


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Hmmm I know a post that is going to be resurrected when some posts are transferred from Melody *grin*


Congrats Furboy... and many happy hours may you have.

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One of your girlfriends decided to wear a new fur jacket today that you had just purchased. And you are happy? Man, that is not happy, that is Fantasy Island!

Great to hear of your special day!



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John & furboy,

That caught my attention too, "one of my girlfriends..." Some of us can only be so lucky.

Anywho, congratulations furboy!


Mr. B,


Would this happen to do with any "lists"?

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