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Fur Design Contest 07' - Japan Fur Association


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You ever have one of those days where you accidentally stumble upon some great pictures? Well, I did.


Found a MSN Japan gallery that covered the 2006 Fur Design Contest earlier this year which was sponsered by the Japan Fur Association. We have some amazing Japanese fur designers who know how to take advantage of furs, fox appears to be the favorite. Here it is:




This is an annual event, and the next contest will be held by on March 23rd, 2007 for those lucky enough to be in Japan. After living there for two years, Japan is truly the fur fashion freedom capital of Asia. Where else can you find second-hand fur sales, as well as sheepskin rugs and acrylic mink blankets for the winter in your local dept store?


Here are my favorite pics from the gallery:




Love this fur wedding dress:



Finally, for your viewing pleasure, please check out the gallery from the official JFA website, these designs really must be seen to be believed. Many of them look anime or manga inspired, almost fantasy-like. You'll find a gallery of pictures dating back to 2003, by clicking on the first link on the left-hand side. Be sure to mouse-over, or click on the sketches to see some of the final designs on the runway:



My favorites:






More close-ups can be found here:



My two favorites are from the 2006 contest from the HKFAA and the JFA. Minna-san, enjoy!

- Kuma

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Please please please try to post the pics themselves to the Gallery! Whenever I click on the links, my computer Windows starts to install Japanese Language Packs! Thanks!



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Ah furelli, I promised myself I wouldn't load crap - that is, stuff that I've never use - onto this brand new computer!!!




...actually, I'm finding that I can view the photos without installing them... I've just got to convince Windows not to load them!

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