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Just when you thought things were looking up...


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This is now curious and even a bit quaint in light of a news segment on the main stream news last night.


Seems hunting is making a big comeback in States that want the hunters dollars in their States.


The most interesting part is WHO the hunters are now.


Yes more young people and especially young girls. Also women in general and they like hunting with other women.


The outfitters are saying the gender shift is so big that their whole marketing efforts are shifting to entire lines of womens outdoor gear.


Firearms manufacturers arecoming out with lighter guns and amo for the women hunters. Not a small or transitory shift.


Sorry PeTA but that just drive a spike right through your heart.





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All I can think about when I see an article like that is:

"Not another bunch of self-centred nutters to deal with" - probably all PETA members changing their spots to look more friendly - underneath still the same flawed ideology and idiotic rantings


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There is fragmentation in the AR movement over wlefare v rights, and violence v peaceful and lobbying v direct represntation.


One thing for sure. Do my animlas get to vote then? Becuase they are all somehwere to the right of Genghis Khan and do not believe in any rights for humans let alone other animlas. They are all dictatorial and egocentric.


Oh well. At least it will take more votes off labour and the green party.


They will have a shock in Wales that is for sure. It is 90% rural, so they will only get votes from the urban centres. But ther is PR which shows you the problems with PR.


Never mind...it will still only eat into Labour votes.


My hope is that the Conutryside Alliance do not seek political representation as if they do it wil split the Tory vote.


This is the only resistance to the lunacy and everyone here form Britain has an obligation to join up and fight. You will also notice it campaigns on real green issues like labour proposals to eat the green belt.


And this is not a lunatic party. It represents Britain's million strong hunting fraternity, half a million shooting, and 2 million fishermen. Plus everyone else who lives in teh countryside and cares about it. It has a massive potential influence over the Tory party, and shared concerns about the real threats to the countryside.


It is the only effective organistaion agaisnst Animal rights lunacy.


Join today :




You simply cannot be pro fur and anti hunting. It is a contradiction. Fight for one and you fight for the other.

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