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Fur on QVC Japan


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Greetings fellow fur lovers,


QVC in Japan has been doing a series of "Fur and Leather" days of late and have aired some very nice furs.


These are real furs, mind you, not like the american QVC Dennis Basso faux fur line. The best part is the website has archieved video from previous product presentations.


Since the site is in Japanese, it can be a little difficult to navigate. I just go to the "Fashion" section -- here's the link:




Once there, click on the links lining the left side of the page to display thumbnails of various products of a given catagory. The links are in Japanese so just keep trying until you encounter outerwear or accessories. There are two or three links on the left side of the page containing fur garments.


Once you see the item of your fancy, click on it and you'll be taken to the product information page. A large photo of the item will appear and immediately below it you'll see a button with the Windows Media Player logo on it along with Japanese characters. Click the button and the video will launch.


QVC Japan have everything from mink and fox coats to various furry accessories like scarves and wraps -- even delicious fox boas! Of course, every fur is throroughly fondled and lovingly stroked by the hostess of the hour as she presents each item.


As an aside, if the Windows Media Player is being used, only the item you click on will be shown on video. If, however, you configure Winamp to play .asf files, the entire hour-long show will be shown.


There is at least 10 to 12 hours video available on the site so take advantage and enjoy!

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