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A Joke??

Mr Barguzin

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The following joke was read by a TV presenter this morning (Aust Time) and has landed him in hot water. So to explain a few things:


John Howard : Australian Prime Minister

Janette Howard: PM's missus

Kim Beazley: (former) Opposition Leader.


The Joke:

John Howard is on a skiing trip - Christmas holidays, Aspen, the whole thing.


He's coming down the slopes and then in the snow written - obviously someone has relieved themselves in the snow - and written, "John Howard is a dork".


Well, John stops in front of it and looks at it absolutely fuming and says to the secret service guys who are sort of shadowing him while he's on his holiday in Aspen: "Look into this. I want to know who did it, under what circumstances." They say, "Yes sir" and he went off skiing.


That night the forensic guys have taken a sample of the thing in the snow. They go to him, "Well, Mr Prime Minister, we've got good news and bad news.


"We've tested the urine samples and we've come to a conclusion. What do you want - good or bad news?"


And he said, "Well, what's the good news?"


And they said, "Well, it's Kim Beazley's urine".


And he said, "Well, what's the bad news?"


And they said, "Well, it was in Janette's handwriting".

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HMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm now THAT is a very tempting idea......... now... where oh where would I start????


*pulling down atlas and ........

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Right you are Furelli...


This is a close recreation of an old quote from British Queen Vic about her most hated politition. Prime Minister Gladstone. Might have mentioned it before once.


Queen Victoria said something like this. "If Gladstone fell into the Thames River and was on the verge of drowning it would be a calamity. If someone came along and fished him out it would be a catastrophe"!



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I have heard that same joke with Bill Clinton as the target and with George Bush as the target. In this country, it was also probably told when Daddy Bush was president, ditto Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy. It's a very old and very tired joke, but still retains a modicum of humor, IMHO.



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That's an old joke in these parts too. Except the characters are "Farmer Brown", "Farmer Jones", Farmer Brown's daughter and Farmer Jones' son.

The Reader's Digest version goes thus:


Farmer Brown to Farmer Jones: "You'd better keep your boy from commin' over to my place from now on."


Farmer Jones: "How come?"


FB: "We'll he's been p*ssing in the snow!"


FJ: "What's wrong with that?"


FB: "Don't you think I'd recognize my own daughter's handwriting?!"


I think people who are offended by that joke are just being "sour grapes" because somebody is poking fun at their political party.

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