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Lori Morgan in fur link


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Nice! I wouldn't mind moving to Nashville. I'm only 2 hours away really. Not only that, but whenever I seem to visit there in these winter months, I always see fur.

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I spent a week in Nashville this past summer, I always love going there. Good ole southern hospitality I partied on that exact street lol. I believe it to be Church St. Tootsie's Orchid Lounge is real close and a few other cool dive kinda bars.

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I have actually had some very good celebrity sightings in Nashville. Lori Morgan lives in the same suburb that I live in and I have seen her at church one time (wearing very tight faded jeans) and another at Publix. She drives a white Mercedes 500 series and when she is in sunglasses driving that hot car around town she looks totally gorgeous.


A few years ago I had the supreme pleasure of seeing someone dining at Ruths' Chris Steak House. I was approximately 10 feet away from a table with Faith Hill, Dolly Parton and Dolly's sister Stella. Stella is very hot and it was incredible to see all of them together. Nashville is a great town for celebrities because even though they get a fair amount of attention from regular people, there isn't a paparrazi following them around and hasseling them. Consequently, to the average person they can be quite warm and friendly. Dolly and Faith were totally gracious with the 8-10 people who asked for autographs. I know when I'm gnawing on a t-bone at Ruth's Chris I wouldn't want some chuck asking me for my autograph but the ladies were exquisitiely friendly. They are also gorgeous.


Unforunately, this was in the spring and no furs were being worn but I keep my eyes open constantly. I'm going to the Titans Patriots game on New Years Eve and I'll have my phone camera with me again. Take a hint guys, there are pleny of low cost alternatives to taking pictutres surreptiously now and you guys that live near NYC, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis could help the rest of us out!


Sorry if this is off the subject a little bit bit but your other comments about Nashville made me want to brag a little.

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